In a continued effort to get the residents of Rocky Mount more familiar with its board members, and thus get all involved and on the same page with all of the new businesses and opportunities coming to town, the Rocky Mount Chamber of Commerce welcomes you to join on Thursday, September 13 at 5:30 pm them just minutes down the street from your new home at Belmont Lake Preserve on the Rocky Mount Mills Campus, where they will be there to socialize with the public over a few refreshing beverages in a very casual setting as a part of their “Brews with the Board” meet and greet event.

This innovative and very casual Rocky Mount Chamber of Commerce Event, at 1151 Fall Road in Rocky Mount, will give residents a chance to meet all of the board members in a setting that everyone can relate to. On top of introducing themselves and both the board members and residents getting a chance to know one another on a far more personal level, the Rocky Mount Chamber of Commerce will also be happy to bring all of those on hand up to speed on the happenings, both recent and that will be coming in the future to all that are present.

For those planning to attend, all will meet for this Rocky Mount Chamber of Commerce gathering at the Beer Garden beginning at 5:30 pm. To register and attend the “Brews with the Board” event or fore more information on this, visit the official Rocky Mount Chamber of Commerce site at


The bustling industry of craft beers across the state gained another boost from Rocky Mount Mills as it was recently announced that the venue will begin with its first “class,” consisting of several North Carolina Breweries joining a brewing incubator.

There will be four North Carolina Breweries sharing a refurbished, on site, 6,000 square foot shipping warehouse, and each will be able to produce up to 1,000 barrels annually and have a keg cooler featuring eight taps to serve their finished product from. In addition, they will be given the opportunity to take classes in the Nash Community College Brewing, Distillation, and Fermentation program and be serving up their brews in a public beer garden.

The four North Carolina Breweries involved will be, Planetary Elixirs, HopFly Brewing Company, BDD Brewing Company and Bull Durham Beer Company. The Bull Durham Beer Company is already up and open for business, Planetary Elixirs will be soon bottling their product, and HopFly just “opened up shop,” on November 18. The fourth of the North Carolina Breweries involved, BDD Brewing Company is set to debut later this winter.

“Our inaugural class of brewers comes from all walks of life and bring with them different approaches, methods, and philosophies towards brewing,” says Sebastian Wolfrum, executive brewmaster of Rocky Mount Mills. “We see the spirit that built Rocky Mount Mills 200 ago, and that continues to make our community one of hard work and triumph in each of them. We’re looking forward to seeing and, more importantly, tasting what they have to offer.”

Rocky Mount Brewery

With the development of the Rocky Mount Brewmill property bringing a wave of new economic development and breathing new life into the area on many business and residential fronts, the Sweet Taters Restaurant and Brewery is moving right along in their remodeling and renovation process, just minutes from the premier NC golf and retirement community, Belmont Lake Preserve, with a tentative Spring 2016 grand opening date set for what will be the second new Rocky Mount Brewery.

With all local roots, it is a perfect fit that Sweet Taters would select site of the former Rocky Mount Mills as the location for their Rocky Mount Brewery. The soon-to-be- opened, family run sandwich shop and brewery is rooted in the local farming community and will occupy the 2,100 square foot former mill house at 1121 Fall Road in Rocky Mount.

Once remodeled it is expected that the newest Rocky Mount Brewery will feature a cozy ambience, complete with several original fireplaces that will be reworked for a comfortable setting in the winter, with both front and back porch seating and dining available in the warmer months as well. They will also have areas for live music and entertainment, in addition to large televisions for viewing sporting events, and outdoor games that the entire family can enjoy.

With the majority of the Sweet Taters team growing up in the Zebulon area and spending many years locally in the community, the business manager for the Rocky Mount Brewery, Chris Flora spoke with excitement about getting the project off the ground and doing so in Rocky Mount. “The Rocky Mount Brewmill is a truly unique location with tremendous potential. What better place to work than at this historic site with these amazing buildings, looking out over the Tar River?” Continuing, Flora spoke of his excitement with the entire Brewmill project.  “We have also been extremely impressed with the vision of the Brewmill team.”

Speaking further on the local assets the new Rocky Mount Brewery will be afforded, Flora also noted the plan to utilize the local farming community at Sweet Taters, saying, “Wherever possible, we’re sourcing our ingredients for both our food and our beer from local and organic producers. After all, the Rocky Mount Farmer’s Market is just a quick walk up the street!”

For more information and updates on the Sweet Taters Restaurant and Brewery as they get closer to their grand opening, visit their Facebook page at

Rocky Mount NC Crime Rate

In addition to achieving the personal serenity and peace of mind which you desire in opting to move to the premier NC golf and retirement community, Belmont Lake Preserve, obviously safety in one’s home town is a factor which plays into the decision to relocate. As a result of the hard work and dedication of city officials working side by side with law enforcement and residents, Police Chief, James Moore was happy to report at a recent town meeting that the Rocky Mount NC crime rate has reached a 35 year low.

In bringing the good news to members of the  city council, Moore gave much credit to the efforts of city residents in the improvement of the Rocky Mount NC crime rate. He noted the collaborative work between the police department and the residents, as well as an overall community effort by concerned citizens to lend a hand to improve the community and lower the Rocky Mount NC crime rate in any way they possibly can.

Speaking with a sense of pride after seeing such positive results, Moore seemed very pleased to deliver the following statistics regarding the decrease in the Rocky Mount NC crime rate 2014 in comparison to just one year priors data.

  • A 45 percent decrease in commercial robberies
  • A 16.5 percent decrease in individual robberies
  • A 16.2 percent decrease in property crime.
  • A 10.9 percent decrease in violent and dangerous crime.

Moore, who was applauded for his efforts by city officials, has made a concerted effort during his tenure as chief of police to see the residents and his department work hand in hand through offering different programs to the public and educating the citizens in several areas that can be of assistance in lowering the Rocky Mount NC crime rate. These would include the “Citizen’s Police Academy,” which is described on the city’s website as “a program designed to acquaint citizens who are not sworn police officers with the activities of their local police department. Citizens gain an appreciation for the problems and challenges facing law enforcement and have an opportunity to offer comments, ideas, and solutions.”

The “Law Enforcement Explorers” program is another way the Rocky Mount NC Police Department has been educating residents. Holding meetings twice a month, officers discuss and educate interested young men and women between the ages of 14-20 on law enforcement culture in addition to offering hands-on training and demonstrations.

Utilizing the latest in technology to build stronger and safer neighborhoods in Rocky Mount NC, the Police Department also offers the “Nextdoor Program.” This is a free private social network for members of the community to communicate with one another and bulid happier and safer neighborhoods.

To learn more about these programs and other ways that you can work with Chief Moore and the police department to lend a hand in continuing to see the Rocky Mount NC crime rate decrease, visit their “Police to Citizens” here.

Cities on the Rise in North Carolina

With a significant increase in both the number of jobs and income over the course of the past five years, the time is now to build your dream home at Belmont Lake Preserve NC golf and retirement community, as these factors played into a recent study at that listed Rocky Mount among its list of Cities on the Rise in North Carolina.

The nerdwallet study on Cities on the Rise in North Carolina was explained in a blog post written by Maggie Clark, who noted that the entire state has been seeing and upward swing in employment, income, and population, which are the three main factors touched on in compiling the rankings. It was also said in the article that North Carolina as a state saw the second highest job gain in the country last year and that there were more people moving to the state than had left. Personal income state wide is projected to continue to grow throughout this year, while on the contrary, the unemployment rate has seen a continuous drop which is predicted to continue on a downward swing.

Cities on the Rise in North Carolina

Downtown Rocky Mount NC

In analyzing population growth, the working age population numbers were measured for a four year period. Likewise, the overall percentage of residents who were employed during this same time frame were evaluated for the Cities on the Rise in North Carolina rankings in employment growth. For the income growth, the median wage of full time workers over this same span was calculated to arrive at the final ranking.

The numbers supporting Rocky Mount cracking into the Cities on the Rise in North Carolina rankings start with its employment growth, as the city saw a 6.6 percent increase in this area during the period in which nerdwallet conducted its study. An increase in working-age population growth and in median income growth gave Rocky Mount a 23.1 overall growth score, putting it firmly with in the list of the top Cities on the Rise in North Carolina.