The Green Get Greener: Grant Received to Improve Rocky Mount Outdoor Living


In early December, the already beautiful scenery and vast options in Rocky Mount Outdoor Living received a nice boost, as the NC Community Foundation gave a grant to the city to aid in the Rocky Mount Litter Cleanup Project.

Speaking about the grant to improve the quality of Rocky Mount Outdoor Living, which actually was given to the city through the Futrell-Mauldin Community Fund for a Greater Rocky Mount, the city grant writer, Cornelia McGee stated the following.

“ I am excited about the opportunity for the city of Rocky Mount to partner with the Futrell-Mauldin Community Fund for Greater Rocky Mount.” She continued, “I am further confident that this amazing grant opportunity will afford up to eight residents at Christian Fellowship Home and Tri-County Industries employment and a more stable quality of life. The grant will also help to reduce litter and restore cleanliness to our roadsides.”

According to the official City of Rocky mount website, to this point, even prior to the grant for improving Rocky Mount Outdoor Living, the city funded Rocky Mount Litter Cleanup Project has been a huge success and helped drastically to keep the streets and parks city wide clean. “The litter crew has retrieved a total of 2,027 bags of trash, an estimated 40,540 pounds of trash, 149 signs and 15 tires. From March 1, 2017 through Nov. 10, 2017, the crew has worked more than 4,300 hours on litter cleanup,” the city website explained.

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