Senior Fitness Programs Abound at Harrison Family YMCA


In choosing to relocate to Belmont Lake Preserve, many factors weighed into selecting Rocky Mount. Location and access to may points across the East Coast certainly was a factor. However, one factor that could keep you in shape, feeling great, and living long into your retirement is the nearby Senior Fitness Programs offered at the Harrison Family YMCA.

“Keep Movin’ and Stay Connected at the Harrison Y in Rocky Mount”

Health experts will be on hand to assist you with your growth and reaching fitness goals.

There are several options for Senior Fitness Programs at the Harrison Family YMCA. However, before making a decision on which may be best for you, there are several items to consider.

In the brochure, they offer for Senior Fitness Programs, the Harrison Family YMCA starts off explaining their understanding of how tough keeping to a program is, especially as age goes up.

“97 percent of Americans struggle to complete their regular exercise each week,” it starts. “Even though we know how important it is to our health and well being.” This introductory piece concludes by saying the following. ” We will get you started and give you the tools to keep going.”

What are the Benefits Both Physically and Mentally?

Making friends and building relationships is another nice part of joining the programs at the YMCA

In the same Harrison Family YMCA brochure, they bullet point all the ways in which their Senior Fitness Programs can benefit you. The obvious ways are physically, but as shown below, benefits may also be mental and even social. Below is the list of Senior Fitness Programs benefits.

  • Build Success
  • Commit to a Manageable Program
  • Create Realistic Expectations
  • Increase Energy Levels
  • Reduce Fatigue
  • Find the Connection Between Exercise and Feeling Better
  • Tailor Workouts around Activities You Enjoy
  • Connect with Other Gym Members and YMCA Staff
  • Become Comfortable with the Facility and Your New Health Plan

Start Small, But Aim High with the “Senior Coach Approach”

Pictured is the Harrison Family YMCA, located at 1000 Independence Drive in Rocky Mount

To “start small,” there is one keyword, and that is “start!” You can’t move along in any of the Senior Fitness Programs unless you start one! One of the most popular programs at the Harrison Family YMCA for older members is the “Senior Coach Approach.’

The “Senior Coach Approach” will find you meeting once a week for a 30-minute session, for six consecutive weeks. The experts from the Harrison Family YMCA go on to explain. ” During these sessions, we will evaluate your goals together, give you advice in the right direction that will be most valuable to keep you moving and staying connected.”

In addition, you also will be introduced to the machines, classes, and certified staff at the YMCA. The staff also lays out what you can expect during your sessions, these are detailed in the bullet points below.

  • Get friendly guidance to safely use the Precor brand of strength equipment and cardio equipment from a certified knowledgable wellness coach.”
  • Receive an Overview of the Building, its Facilities, Programs, and Services
  • Get Answers to Youe Exercise Questions
  • Gather many great tips to help you stay on track, No Matter What Happens 

Stay Connected…for Free???

These particular Senior Fitness Program at the Harrison Family YMCA is what most would call “Healthy, Done the Right Way!” This would be because not only will you be in better health and mind, but also because the program is 100 percent free to all new or returning Senior Members.

The Harrison Family YMCA is located just a short drive from the Belmont Lake Preserve new home and golf community in Rocky Mount. Its located at 1000 Independence Drive in Rocky Mount. To read more about the Senior Fitness Programs visit For all the information available on Belmont Lake Preserve, visit