Rocky Mount Keeps Moving Up the Charts of Safest Cities in North Carolina


With an influx of new business coming to town and more specifically, a concerted effort being put forth both by local authorities and citizens working hand in hand to make Rocky Mount a great place to raise a family, the results are showing up positive, as the city has climbed into the upper 50 percent statewide in the recently released 2019 National Council for Home Safety and Security’s (NCHSS) annual poll of the Safest Cities in North Carolina.

safest-cities-in-north-carolina-Belmont Lake Preserve
The Twin Counties Big Sweep Challenge and other initiatives between local officials and the youth of the area has helped positive growth in Rocky Mount.

At the official site of the NCHSS (, it goes into very specific detail in explaining the ranking process. As a result, Rocky Mount is number 31 among all municipalities for Safest Cities in North Carolina. The city’s on-going efforts to improve all aspects of life and officials working with residents is showing vast improvement annually.

A Continuous Climb Up the Charts of Safest Cities in North Carolina

“To identify the safest cities,” it reads at, “we reviewed the most recent FBI Uniform Crime Report statistics. Cities with populations ranging from 7,639 to 4,007,147 are part of the ranking process.

The NCHSS says, rankings for the 2019 Safest Cities in North Carolina are compiled as follows. “Overall, data from 8,793 law enforcement agencies that represented more 193 million of the US population helped us draw interesting insights between the size of the police force and incidence of crime.”

Local law enforcement work with residents in programs like the Rocky Mount Junior Police Academy (Pictured). This has helped the community as a whole build a safer city.

Crime Rates Down as Rocky Mount Keeps Moving Up

Rocky Mount’s non-violent crime rate score was very low as opposed to many of the other municipalities. Consequently, the city has seen a continued decrease in the number of violent crimes consistently over the past several years.

hese numbers are at the lowest the area has seen in many years and should continue to go down. This is thanks in part to  programs by local police for its residents. Also, the introduction of family-friendly communities such as Belmont Lake Preserve has likewise aided in. the city’s ongoing ascent. These combined factors should help the city to continue climbing up the list of Safest Cities in North Carolina.

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(Photo Credit : City of Rocky Mount)