Top Five Rocky Mount Summer Restaurants


Now, we all know that there are plenty of amazing and incredible restaurants close to your new home in Rocky Mount at Belmont Lake Preserve. It seems almost every city or town across NC boasts great places for a variety of types of food. Well, seeing that we are into the warmer months, in this post, we will give suggestions on places to “eat in the heat.” Thus, below, we will give five great choices for Rocky Mount Summer Restaurants. 

In describing a Rocky Mount Summer Restaurant I’d assume that one of the main factors would be that there is outdoor dining. That being said, you still have several choices, but we feel those listed below are five that you can’t go wrong with here in Rocky Mount.

Rocky Mount Summer Restaurants: A Prime Choice Always

Well, for our first stop among Rocky Mount Summer Restaurants, you will find yourself dining outdoors at a restaurant that seems to find its way on every “best of” list in Rocky Mount. This one is no different, ass whether you go BBQ, steak, or somewhere in between, you just can’t go wrong.

The Prime Smokehouse, 207 East Thomas Street, Rocky Mount

Pulled pork. Crab cakes. Smoked wings or ribs. The lip-smacking BBQ from Prime Smokehouse is certainly no secret. Featuring one of the area’s most extensive and unique menus, as well as equally as creative a drink menu, kind makes this a “can’t miss” for the summer. Add in a nice view and great outdoor eating atmosphere and you find why this is the first establishment mentioned in our Rocky Mount Summer Restaurants.

The Specialties are Hot as the Season at Rocky Mount Summer Restaurants

For our next three Rocky Mount Summer Restaurants, we not only looked at user reviews, but we also noticed a pattern. That being each of these, as different as they may be, has a certain specialty that sets the establishment apart from the norm. No, not that the food is so unique, it’s just that in each individual case their specialty is one that’s worth coming for and coming back for. 

The Thirsty Bull, 3665 Sunset Avenue, Rocky Mount

With unbelievable chops and thick-cut steaks, you’d think just by name that would be the place that the Thirsty Bull would excel. You would not be mistaken, however, that’s not the whole of this sum. This “bull” is equally known for its fresh and delicious seafood offerings as well. A welcoming and fun outdoor patio diner environment with what many feels are the best oysters, crab cakes, steaks, and chops in town? Yeah, sounds like a spot among Rocky Mount Summer Restaurants worth giving a chance!

TBC West Tacos and Taproom, 1121 Falls Road, Rocky Mount

Fresh food and flavorful craft beers are two of the tell-tale signs of success at our next stop among the best Rocky Mount Summer Restaurants. Again, as we think you can agree, in each of these entries you can imagine sitting and enjoying on a sun-soaked evening and indulging in cold craft beers and your choice of fresh style tacos. Smoked chicken, short rib, shrimp, beef, and even grilled cauliflower tacos are all at your call. Likewise, the finest area craft brews are ever-changing at TBC West. With tons of outdoor seating, this place might scream tacos…but it is also hollering summer.

Blanche’s Bistro, 116 Tarboro Street, Rocky Mount

Doesn’t the name “bistro” just scream ” a relaxing, outdoor, summer place?” Well, maybe not all bistro’s, but we might just be have a bias from the amazing next entry of our Rocky Mount Summer Restaurants, Blanche’s Bistro. Sandwiches, salads, and so much more, make Blanche’s Bistro a refreshing stop no question. Also offering wraps and so many fresh options that include soups and bisques daily. A craft brew or a delicious, iced tea or lemonade seems to be perfect no matter the selection to keep cool at this great summertime stop.

Last Among Rocky Mount Summer Restaurants is A Classic Year-Round

Ok, so user reviews are user reviews and sometimes an all-time favorite simply needs some outdoor seating that mirrors its good home atmosphere to make it a “summer” favorite. So, for our final suggestion of Rocky Mount Summer Restaurants, much like the rest of them come to think of it, is actually delightful year-round.

Oak Level Cafe, 2506 Oak Level Road, Rocky Mount

Well, as any local can tell you the food at Oak Level Cafe is certainly “just like you remember from home.” Thus, putting the patio seating out, it becomes a Rocky Mount Summer Restaurants’ favorite. Whether you love their meatloaf, pork chops, or the fried or BBQ variety chicken. No matter which of the scrumptious sides you love at Oak Level. We have to agree that whether, summer, spring, winter, or fall, all of these Rocky Mount establishments are worth a regular visit.

Rocky Mount Summer Restaurants are Just Another Wonderful Part of the Season

With the outdoor activities and amenities both city-wide and at your new home community, Belmont Lake Preserve, the summer is a special time in Rocky Mount, NC. These great restaurants complement the other community-based activities and add to the great local spirit shared between local residents.

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