Amazing Rocky Mount Restaurants: Top Ten Tastes of the Town


We have told you numerous times since moving to your new home in Rocky Mount that location is one of the many perks of your new neighborhood, Belmont Lake Preserve. We’ve told you about different activities and destinations. We’ve directed you to different entertainment options and plenty of restaurants, too. However, right here in your new home town, you have an incredible selection of fine places to eat. Don’t believe us? Well, just read on through this and our follow up posts in the series and head out for a “taste of the town” at these amazing Rocky Mount Restaurants.

In this series of articles, we don’t only give you our opinion on the top ten Rocky Mount Restaurants. We used actual customer ratings, reviews, and feedback in coming up with our listings. Thus, whether you are looking for burgers, pizza, Mexican, seafood, BBQ, or a little of each, stay tuned and bring an appetite! In this first post of our series, we will look at numbers 7-10 in our rankings.

The Top 10 Rocky Mount Restaurants: Around the Globe in Four Restaurants

Ironically enough, after prefacing the array of dining options among Rocky Mount Restaurants, our first four entries to the “top ten,” couldn’t be more different from one another regarding their menus. So, whether you have the “hungry’s” for a steak or seafood, pizza and wings, or mexican fare. Just follow along and you can rest assured we got you covered somewhere on our list.

10- The Thirsty Bull

The first stop on our Rocky Mount Restaurants is the perfect stop if you are looking for some fresh, delicious seafood. Likewise, they have you covered on a nice, thick steak or even a big, fat burger if you so desire. 

Located at 3665 Sunset Avenue, the Thirsty Bull is a family-friendly atmosphere. Locals seem to rave of their oysters and “local fresh catch” options. In addition to an amazing meal, the “Bull” also rotates 14 local craft beer options at all times.

9- Chew N Chat Cafe

Next up we move along our Rocky Mount Restaurants “top ten” and to a true classic. Chew N Chat Cafe is exactly what a “good ol’ southern cooking,” diner-type restaurant should be. 

Known for their top-notch, huge breakfast plates, soups, salads, sandwiches, and all the classic comfort type meals you’d expect. Only better! The Chew N Chat opens at 7:00 a.m. Monday -Saturday and is at 1005 West Mount Drive. Stop in and have a taste…or a chew…of this Eastern NC classic.

8- Tipsy Tomato

We told you there were not only some amazing Rocky Mount Restaurants near your new home at BLP. But, how about the variety…am I right? Next up we have what is ranked as the best pizza place in town, the Tipsy Tomato.

Specializing in their made fresh daily dough and ingredients, the “Tomato” is located at 7 East Elm Street. Once again though, don’t take my word for it, lets go to a recent review from a “traveling through” native New Yorker. The five-star review left, said, “I am from New York and I go to Italy every other year. I know my pizza. THIS PIZZA WAS AMAZING!! The crust was outstanding!

7- TBC West: Tacos and Taproom

Well, we told you so. You can’t get more diverse than a steak and seafood joint, a diner, pizza, and now the city’s favorite Mexican restaurant, TBC West. Located on the Rocky Mount Mills Campus at 1121 Fall Road, on top of the great tacos, TBC also offers an amazing selection of craft brews and tasty drinks as well.

Want to talk variety? TBC offers tacos featuring chicken, short rib, shrimp, cauliflower, beef, and more. The quesadillas and salads are like none elsewhere among our Rocky Mount Restaurants. Much as a recent reviewer noted at, we second the notion to “highly recommend this hidden gem.”

Rocky Mount Restaurants: More Variety on the Way

How could there be more variety on the way? Well, simple, the Rocky Mount Restaurants are diverse and in many cases offering up some of the tastiest and most amazing dishes anywhere county, state, or nationwide…much less tops in just the city. Thus, when we continue with numbers 4, 5, and 6 in our next post, you will again see variety, but more so than anything you will see incredible dining options for some of the most delicious stops in Eastern NC.

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