Governor, State Representatives Taking Notice of Rocky Mount Economic Development ​: “This is Going to be a Destination Place”

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Rocky Mount Economic Development continues to increase and expand at a rapid pace. As new company’s flock to the city, the recent groundbreaking at the future CSX “Carolina Connector” site drew much attention, statewide.

As a result, state dignitaries such as Governor Roy Cooper, were in attendance for the CSX ceremony. All who attended agreed the “Carolina Connector” along with the steady upswing in Rocky Mount Economic Development is changing the business landscape in Rocky Mount and the Twin Counties area.

NC State officials, local dignitaries, and representatives from CSX “break ground” on the future site of the “Carolina Connector.”

Rocky Mount Economic Development Continues: CSX Breaks Ground

Originally announced in 2016, the CSX “Carolina Connector” project broke ground on April 24, and with it will come more jobs to the area.

This project may be the most crucial of all Rocky Mount Economic Development in the city. A 330-acre-site, $160 million project, the “Carolina Connector ” will indirectly result in the creation of 1,300 new jobs.

Governor, State Officials Excited about Rocky Mount Economic Development

The April 24 groundbreaking at the future CSX site has the highest ranking state officials sharing the excitement over the continued increase in Rocky Mount Economic Development.

A literal, “who’s who” of NC state officials were present for the historic groundbreaking ceremony, each sharing in a very positive outlook on the implications of CSX’s facility coming to the area.

Each of the following officials made these comments at the official “Carolina Connector” groundbreaking ceremony.

North Carolina Governor, Roy Cooper

“We’re sending a message across the country and across the world that North Carolina is the place for you to come, bring your business, create your jobs, raise your family. What’s happening in this area is fantastic, the quality of life, the homes that are going up. This is going to be a destination place, and when rural North Carolina counties decide to show what they can do and find their lane, then success is not far away.”

NC State Representative, James Gailliard

“It’s job creation, It’s economic development, It’s human development, It’s community development. It shows the power of diversity and inclusion, the Twin Counties are just really becoming the place for people to raise a family, work, play and retire.”

U.S. Representative, G.K Butterfield

“We have so much to offer. CSX did the analysis and came to the same conclusion as we have known for years. That is this region, is ripe for economic development.”

CSX President and CEO, James Foote

“We are by far, by any measure today, the best-run railroad in North America… And we are committed from the top to the bottom to making this project a huge success.”

This will be the first in a series of articles focusing on the recent Rocky Mount Economic Development. The excitement created locally by new business and hence, new employment opportunies has the area buzzing with optimism.

Thousands of new jobs are being created through the following Rocky Mount Economic Development projects. Each will be detailed in our upcoming series of articles.

The Rocky Mount Events Center opened in the Fall of 2018.

New, Major Rocky Mount Economic Development (Upcoming and Since 2017)

  • CSX Carolina Connector (Fall/Winter 2020, 1,300 est. jobs)
  • Triangle Tire (Fall/Winter 2020, 800 est. jobs)
  • Corning, Inc. (Fall/Winter 2019, 150-plus est. jobs)
  • Rocky Mount Event Center (Opened Fall 2018)
  • Rocky Mount Mills Project (Purchased 2017, Expansion On-going)

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