Top Restaurants in Rocky Mount: Burgers and Brews Pave Way Into “Top 5”

Barley and Burger first opened its Rocky Mount doors in the winter of 2018.

After a three-way tie at number seven, the Top 10 Restaurants in Rocky Mount moves on! However, there is another tie in this posting as well, as we visit number six and at “five” we have a pair of great local eateries.

Barley and Burger: The “Best Burger in Town” Among Restaurants in Rocky Mount

Barley and Burger has quickly become a favorite stop for a burger and a brew. They first opened this Rocky Mount eatery in the winter of 2018. They obviously are known for their array of brews and burgers. However, Barley and Burger also features great sandwiches, salads, and more. Located at 2921 Zebulon Road, on top of their great choices, “You can even build your own burger to ensure your experience is perfect with every bite.”

To summarize just how delicious the Barley and Burger experience is, one customer gave a review while still in the restaurant entitled, “Speechless.” “This has to be one of the best burgers I have had in a restaurant in a long time. They don’t even have to wash my plate because I cleaned it off for them.” The satisfied customer added, Plenty of staff and super friendly. I’m writing this as I sit in the restaurant.”

On top of gourmet burgers, the Main Course features great sandwich specials like the Meatball Hoagie.

The Main Course at Belmont is a “Hole in One” Among Restaurants in Rocky Mount

The “Main Course at Belmont” comes in tied as number five of Restaurants in Rocky Mount. Located in the Golf Clubhouse building at Belmont Lake Preserve, the Main Course has become a Rocky Mount favorite for residents not only in the neighborhood, but across the city. With gourmet burgers, delicious entries, and so much more, the review below truly epitomizes the general feel of the restaurant located at 201 Belmont Way.

“You’re on the right course at the Main Course,” the pleased customer begins. “I’ve been here on multiple occasions and I’ve NEVER had a bad bite! Servings are plentiful, the food is well presented and fresh, and the daily specials are always the way to go!”

Fresh salads and sandwiches are favorites at the Westridge Grill.

Westridge Grill is a “Great Sandwich Place,” and is “Tied at Five” Among Restaurants in Rocky Mount

Westridge Grill refers to itself as the “neighborhood place to be in Rocky Mount.” Specifically pointing to their “great food and friendly service” as a “good combo for a fun time,” this is a laid back stop for some delicious eats.

Backing the words of the Westridge Grill itself, one out -of-town customer described the 3639 Sunset Avenue eatery as follows. “We went to this restaurant based on a suggestion from a friend we were visiting in Rocky Mount. This place is wonderful with food that is excellent.” The review concluded, “This little place had a great atmosphere, friendly staff and fantastic food and I would definitely go here again when I’m in the area.”

On top of their burgers and beers, Barley and Brews serves incredible chicken wings. Shown is the garlic parmesan variety.

The Climb Past the Top 5 of Restaurants in Rocky Mount to Follow!

In our next post continuing our series on Restaurants in Rocky Mount, we will look at the number four, three, and two food spots in the city. For more reviews and details on each of these restaurants, visit If specifically looking for greter detail on the Main Course at Belmont, go to