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Throughout the recent COVID crisis, the Rocky Mount YMCA family did their best to stay connected in the community. Likewise, the loyal members who also are part of “the family helped the “Y” to make a difference during the recent crisis time. All in all, with a great sense of community leading the way, the Harrison Family Rocky Mount YMCA did what they always have done. Made the community a better place and helped those who were in need. Now, after “lending their collective hands” to help, members will be excited to see that the facility has re-opened with limited services. Thus, in this post, we will detail exactly what activities have returned, and when you can enjoy them.  

While We Were Gone…We Stayed Busy Lending our Helping Hands

Almost 70 percent of the members of the Rocky Mount YMCA offered up their help from the start of the COVID pandemic in mid-March and still are assisting today. During that three-plus month period, the Rocky Mount YMCA was responsible for serving close to 4,000 meals to kids, seniors, and families in need. As a unit we are proud to also have helped provide more than 20 families featuring “essential” workers emergency childcare.

Outdoor Yoga is one of the many returning outdoor exercise activities at Harrison Family YMCA

Welcome Back to the Rocky Mount YMCA, Well, Welcome Partially Back!

In addition to these ways in which the public received assistance with the help of the Rocky Mount YMCA, there were even more. One other way in which the “Y” helped out was through collecting blood. 152 units of blood to be exact. These were gathered during 4 different American Red Cross blood drives hosted at the Rocky Mount YMCA. Likewise, the Harrison “Y” team made deliveries and made check-up calls to over 500 area senior citizens.

After complying with the governor’s original “stay-at-home” policy, the Rocky Mount YMCA was closed to any members for well over two months. Putting safety and the health of members first, this was the only rational decision given the rapid spread across the nation of COVID-19. Following sanitization instructions and social distancing guidelines that were laid out to keep the virus contained. Then with Governor Roy Cooper’s update to his executive order on May 20, several areas of the Rocky Mount YMCA fell under those being able to open their doors beginning June 1. 

Ok, so “partially back?” what exactly does this mean. Well, as a part of the Rocky Mount YMCA’s Stage One re-opening, the doors will be open for members to use the pool and outdoor exercises. All who intend to participate must complete a COVID waiver that can be found at harrisonfamily.org. Below is a complete schedule of events for the “Re-Opening” phase at the Rocky Mount YMCA.

What is Open at the Harrison Family Rocky Mount YMCA? And When is it Open?

Customer Service Hours in the Facility

Mondays – Fridays 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Water Fitness Classes (Beginning Monday, June 22nd)

Mondays & Wednesdays at 3:15 p.m. 

Lap & Open Swim Reservations

Mondays – Fridays 7 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

Walking Club 

Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays 9:30 a.m. – 10:15 a.m.

Outdoor Group Exercise Classes:

(If the weather calls for a cancellation, you will receive an email and we will do our best to offer that class in our Live Facebook Group.)

Pilates with Katya

Mondays 7 a.m. – 7:45 a.m.

BODYPUMP/Body Sculpt with Haywood 

Mondays 8 a.m. – 8:45 a.m.

HIIT with Abs 

Tuesdays 7 a.m. – 7:45 a.m.

Yoga with Kathleen 

Tuesdays 8 a.m. – 8:45 a.m. 

Thursdays 8 a.m. – 8:45 a.m.

Power Sculpt with Haywood 

Wednesdays 8 a.m. – 8:45 a.m.

Zumba with Diane

Fridays 8 a.m. – 8:45 a.m.

BODYPUMP with Willie

Mondays 6 p.m. – 6:45 p.m.         

Zumba/Mixed with Diane

Tuesdays 6 p.m. – 6:45 p.m.

BODYPUMP with Marvis

Wednesdays 6 p.m. – 6:45 p.m.

Cardio HIIT with Willie

Thursdays 6 p.m. – 6:45 p.m.

In addition to these items above, there will be “Modified Swim Lessons” beginning on July 6. Also, the “Rec Pool” will be closed from 9-11 a.m. for Camp Programming. After pool use, starting on Monday, June 22, the Men’s and Women’s respective locker rooms on site will be available, too.

Reservations and Memberships at Rocky Mount YMCA

For information on reserving facility time slots, pool time, or, group exercise spots in addition to any answers you may need about membership, visit harrisonfamilyy.org


For nearly fifty years, an emphasis of a “client-first” philosophy was implemented by multiple-time “Realtor of the Year”, Kenneth Moorefield. This led to unmatched success in Rocky Mount home sales for him and his Rocky Mount real estate company. Likewise, the current team at Moorefield Real Estate implements the strategies and techniques they were fortunate enough to learn first-hand from Mr. Moorefield prior to his passing this past September. Many on the staff looked at Moorefield as a mentor and father figure in their real estate careers.

On more than one occasion I had an opportunity to share a few words with Ken. He pointed to several of his employees and it was clear he looked at them with admiration, pride, and confidence. Admiration as he spoke of their youthfulness. Pride is what he wore across his face as he pointed out the incredible statistics and accolades the employees which he spoke of. Confidence, well, Moorefield’s confidence was refreshing, in no way whatsoever arrogant, however, incredibly sure of the fantastic job and results that his top prized realtors would deliver.

Consequently, each realtor who had the opportunity to sit under Moorefield’s tutelage refers to Ken’s ideology often. Likewise, each proud member of the Moorefield Real Estate team strives daily to represent Ken’s namesake and carry on his near half-century tradition of excellence and relationship building with clients, customers, fellow employees, and any resident familiar with the Rocky Mount area.

The name Moorefield is the most trusted name in Rocky Mount real estate.

Carrying on The Moorefield Real Estate Tradition at Belmont Lake Preserve

When the Halle Companies made the purchase of Belmont Lake Preserve in late 2011, any Rocky Mount real estate company had to sit up and take notice. The Halle team began to invest, and invest largely in the over 1,400 -acre, spectacular, forested community, they did. Unlike a previous failed attempt by an ill-prepared suitor for the land, the Halle Companies was able to make the acquisition of Belmont Lake entirely through a cash purchase.

This afforded the Halle Companies the luxury of proceeding with patience and the ability to operate at the proper pace necessary to mold the Belmont Lake property exactly how they envisioned.

If the “top dogs” among any Rocky Mount real estate company had not noticed Belmont Lake Preserve to this point, they were about to. Keeping the community on sound financial footing as noted above, allowed in 2014 for the Halle Companies to begin adding amenities unlike any seen previously in Rocky Mount new home communities.

Unique Amenities and A Move To a Familiar Name in Rocky Mount real estate

These retreat-like additions would see the construction of the “Community Clubhouse.” This featured both an indoor and outdoor swimming pool. It also has a state of the art work out facility. Likewise, a Golf Clubhouse was also built. This addition saw the launch of a full time on-site operational restaurant in the “clubhouse.” In addition was a full professional golf pro shop. Obviously, at the time, the “crown jewel” of the community, the Belmont Lake Golf Club, was also given a full revamp. Following the course renovations, the 18-hole, David Johnson professional design course has commonly been named among the state’s most enjoyable and decorated courses.

It would seem that all items were in place for Belmont Lake Preserve to be the premier Rocky Mount new home community. However, the one thing that the Halle Companies still is lacking, was the “realtor/client connection.” Enter Moorefield…

Moorefield and BLP: Rocky Mount’s Perfect Pairing

After very careful consideration, a decision was made to replace the initial “Broker-of-Record” at Belmont Lake Preserve. Residents who were asked “who do you trust?” in Rocky Mount real estate had one answer. Thus, as of July 2016, Moorefield Real Estate is brought in to be the property’s “Exclusive Realtor.”

Ken Moorefield spoke with jubilation us upon his company being Exclusive Realtor at BLP. “We are excited as the leading Rocky Mount real estate company for over four decades to represent the premier development in our city.” He continues, “I’m absolutely thrilled to work alongside, the Halle Companies, who also bring over 40 years of experience and excellence in residential development with them to the table.”

The founder of Moorefield Real Estate continues speaking with excitement about BLP. “With the unique amenities that are exclusive to this community, it’s golf course, the swimming pools, the restaurant, and so forth,” Moorefield starts. “We just can’t wait to put our brush to the canvas and paint this picture that we have been envisioning for all the families and residents of Rocky Mount at Belmont Lake Preserve.”

Moorefield Brings Out the Best for Belmont Lake Preserve

In the introduction to this post, I referred to the interaction that I personally had with Ken Moorefield. This was during the several years in which I had the pleasure of working with him. The conversations saw Ken showing an almost “parent to child” like relationship when speaking of his realtors. He was sure of their capabilities and proud to speak of them. Now as we move forward without Moorefield, no question that two of his “proteges” will continue to lead the way.

As far as the confidence Moorefield had in his “understudies,” well that confidence is something one earns through actions. Ken took great pride in training all of his Rocky Mount real estate company’s employees. However, his pride swelled when discussing the two brokers that came with him to BLP when the relationship started in 2016.

Doing the Moorefield Name Proud

Moorefield was a multi-million-dollar producer in every one of his near fifty years in real estate. As proud as he was of that feat, he no doubt saw some of himself in his “Broker-in-Charge, Jay Hooks. Jay brings a unique relationship with the Rocky Mount public that one only achieves through years of impeccable customer service. Again, like his mentor, Jay has reached a “double digits” in years that he’s been a multi-million-dollar producer. He also boasts several REALTOR Associate of the Year honors to his credit, too.

Much like Mr. Moorefield “lit up” when speaking of Jay, he also took a similar tone when talking of Trevor Foote. Mrs. Foote is also an annual lock for multi-million-dollar production. She too has received countless honors and accolades for her professionalism. She too, like Ken and Jay, shares that ability to form strong bonds and true relationships with her clients.

A “Client First” Philosophy Off into the Future Rocky Mount real estate

With his “proteges,” Hooks and Foote, leading the way, Moorefield Real Estate is in very good hands moving forward. While all involved miss their leader, there is no question each wears his company’s name as a badge of honor. Likewise, they look to do him proud in carrying on the legacy of his Rocky Mount real estate company.

The Moorefield Real Estate philosophy is one that echoes the approach that made Ken Moorefield number one. That philosophy in simplest form states “put the client first.”

This philosophy, at moorefieldrealestate.com basically states the following. “There are many qualities and skills that go into being an excellent real estate professional.” Integrity, in-depth community and market knowledge are other traits given emphasis. Lastly, marketing savvy, effective negotiation skills, and a high-quality professional network are important also. All of these traits are important pieces to the Moorefield puzzle. On the website it explains these, saying “all of which are hallmarks of how we work.”

Anyone familiar with the Moorefield name over the course of the last fifty or so years, would agree. These are without question hallmarks of how they work. Thus, despite losing a true mentor, Ken’s values live on with his Rocky Mount real estate company. Likewise, it lives on at Belmont Lake Preserve. He and his great team wouldn’t want it any other way.

To see all the great new homes in Rocky Mount currently available at BLP, visit belmontlakepreserve.com.


Located inside the spectacular Belmont Lake Preserve (BLP) new home community in Rocky Mount, the Belmont Lake Golf Club (BLGC) is one of North Carolina’s most celebrated and decorated courses. Since its initial build in 2007, BLGC has seen some changes. These include new ownership in 2013, renovations between 2013 and 2015 and more recently in 2017, another course revamp. However, despite a few changes over the years, it would seem those were for the better, as the course continues to draw accolades from respected golf publications and organizations throughout the state.

The most recent upgrade to Belmont Lake Golf Club, as mentioned above, was prior to the golf season in 2017. The course is known for its spectacular design. Likewise, its layout and great conditioning often receive praise. The 2017 update saw the greens on all 18n holes upgraded and converted to G-12 Bermuda grass. Word around the Belmont Lake Golf Club clubhouse is that the conditions and design with the addition of the G-12 greens are so good they actually will improve your score! Looking at the courses’ design, it all starts in 2007 when the luxurious layout was completed by award winning, professional golf course architect David Johnson. The gorgeous, 3,800 square foot BLP Golf Clubhouse was coming next (2014). This beautiful building features a full pro shop, in house restaurant, and more, the full BLGC set up really took full form.

On site PGA golf professional, Tim Wilke first came to BLGC following his work as course pro at both the Charlotte Country Club and Palisades Country Club. The dedication of all parties involved in both the golf course and Belmont Lake Preserve community truly resonated early on with Wilke, who was not surprised in. the least by the continuous efforts to improve the course. In a 2015 interview with “Triangle Golf Today,” Wilke summed this up well. “When I came here,” the PGA pro noted knew there was ample opportunity for progress to be made.” Wilke concludes, “It just took some energy and commitment and enthusiasm.”

The Belmont Lake Golf Club was ranked among the top courses in North Carolina

The Word Gets Out About Belmont Lake Golf Club

The continuous efforts to improve upon the Belmont Lake Golf Club for its members and prospective members alike has not been the only constant for the course. On the contrary, starting shortly after the Belmont Lake Rocky Mount, NC property purchase by the Halle Companies, it appears the word about this hidden gem of a course was starting to spread. However, as the news got out, it was not only golfers or local residents abuzz about the Belmont Lake Golf Club. This was evident starting in 2012, as the first of many accolades and awards from prominent publications and groups in the golf community took notice and gave recognition to the course.

Starting with the North Carolina Golf Panel, naming Belmont Lake Golf Club to its prestigious “Top 100 Courses You Can Play” rankings in 2012, the awards began rolling in. This, like the constant efforts to improve the course has become another “sure thing” at BLGC. As recently as this past year, the golf experts at Golf Advisor once again gave recognition to the course both on a state and national level.

Awards and Accolades Received by Belmont Lake Golf Club

  • “Top Golf Courses in NC” – # 11Golf Advisor Magazine
  • Overall Score (Based on Golfer Reviews) – 4.7 stars out of 5Golf Advisor Magazine
  • “Top Golf Courses for Pace of Play in United States”- #12Golf Advisor Magazine
  • North Carolina Golf Panel- “Top 100 Courses You Can Play in NC”
  • North Carolina Golf Panel- “Best Golf Communities in Eastern NC”- #10
  • Belmont Lake Golf Club Introduces the “Campaign to 200 in 2020”
  • Why NOW is the Time to Take Advantage and Join the Club : The “Campaign to 200 in 2020”

Belmont Lake Golf Club currently is the home of over 40 events annually, in addition to its normal everyday schedule. With experience in running all types of events ranging from corporate retreats to fundraisers for charity, the Belmont Lake Golf Club is the perfect spot to host your gathering. The club’s tournament coordinator can either provide “turnkey service” for you and your scheduled event or they can just simply carry out your requests.

In addition to being able host to your event, the Belmont Lake Golf Club also offers great deals both on its weekly schedule or for joining and becoming a member at BLP. With fees for membership starting right around $140 per month, there are many perks of signing on as a member.

Also, another reason that there has never been a better time to become a member at BLGC is the current incentive they are offering in an effort to get current members to get new members on board at the Club.

With this incentive, one can earn $200 credit towards their initiation fend $20 monthly credit for a full 12 months for new members who join. This same offer is available to a current member who refers a new member.

What Do We Include in a BLGC Membership?

The following items bullet pointed below are all the great perks you get by becoming a member at Belmont Lake Preserve.

  • Preferred Member Tee Times
  • Reduced Fees for Bringing a Guest
  • Member Only Golf Events (Member/Member, Club Championship, etc.)
  • Unlimited Rounds of Golf
  • 15 percent off all “Soft Goods” in the Proshop
  • BLGC is an official affiliate of the Men’s Golf Association.
  • Club Repair Services
  • Club Charging Privileges· No annual assessments

Daily Specials for those Without a Membership

Consequently, not everyone opts to become a member at BLGC, however, throughout the Spring and Summer months, there still are some fantastic deals that you will want to come out for. The traditional special pricing at Belmont Lake Golf Club is held on Tuesdays for “Throw Back Tuesday.” On the BLGC website, in promotion of these lower fees, they describe the special, saying, “every Tuesday, we turn back the clock.”

The following is pricing for “Throw Back Tuesday” throughout the summer months, To ensure a reservation, call ahead to reserve a tee time.

  • Before 2:00 p.m.- $39
  • After 2:00 pm- $24
  • Senior Citizens- $30
  • Students- $23
  • 9-Hole game- $ 24

Belmont Lake Golf Club is located in the heart of the Belmont Lake Preserve new home community. In the upcoming weeks and months, there is set to be many real promotional events at BLP, including deals for members in regard to homes or land in the community. For more information on Belmont Lake Preserve, visit belmontlakepreserve.com.


The National Council for Home Safety and Security (NCHSS) does a detailed analysis annually on safety and security. They look at all municipalities across every state in the country in developing their rankings each year. Last month, they released their 2020 rankings and for the fourth consecutive year, Rocky Mount climbed significantly up the charts. This places the city in its highest ranking ever among the Safest Cities in North Carolina.

The 2020 Safest Cities in North Carolina listings are on the official NCHSS website, alarms.org. There, it explains in detail the research and final analysis process used in compiling the annual list. Likewise, they also explain what size municipalities are in the analysis and they give a full listing with statistics on all towns ranked. 

The Rocky Mount police and their work with the resident’s has helped immensely in making the city safe.

How Has Rocky Mount Continued its Climb Among Safest Cities in North Carolina?

This is a valid question for any of the municipalities in the 2020 Safest Cities in North Carolina. In the case of Rocky Mount, one can not discount the focus and effort of law enforcement in several areas. Programs, gatherings, and urging residents to work alongside police to make the city as safe as possible are example of how they continued to climb.

That being said, one could also not minimize the efforts of Rocky Mount residents in the continuous rise of their city on this list. Working together with public officials and police to provide a safer environment certainly is a factor in the movement among the Safest Cities in North Carolina.

The numbers that will be described below show exactly what areas of research and analysis weigh into these rankings. Rocky Mount’s numbers in all of these areas are the lowest they have seen in many years. Yes, the hard work of city officials, police, and residents has been a big help in mking the city safer. But, it is also safe to say that the introduction of family-friendly communities such as Belmont Lake Preserve has likewise added to the city’s increased safety levels, too.

How does the NCHSS Arrive at the final Safest Cities in North Carolina List?

Neighbors and communities, like Belmont Lake Preserve provide a very secure and safe setting in Rocky Mount.

At alarms.com, the experts from the NCHSS explain the analysis process . The explanation for how they name the Safest Cities in North Carolina begins under the subheading “Methodology.” 

“To identify the Safest Cities in North Carolina, we reviewed the most recent FBI Uniform Crime Report statistics. We eliminated any cities that failed to submit a complete crime report to the FBI.” It was added that they also would eliminate any town with a population under 10,000. That gave the entity a total of 3,381 cities to research and analyze. The two main categories in which each of these municipalities receive analysis then are violent and non-violent crimes.

How Does the NCHSS Define and Rank According to Crime Rate Averages?

The article on 2020’s Safest Cities in North Carolina goes deeper in its explanation of the process. As just noted, they look at the crime reports, more specifically at both violent and non-violent crimes. 

According to the article, per the FBI crime reports, “Violent crimes are … those offenses that involve force or threat of force.” In defining non-violent crimes, they also use the term “property crimes.” They explain these are usually “theft-type” crimes. 

“The object (of property crimes) …is the taking of money or property, but there is no force or threat of force against the victims.”

It is worth noting that this 2020 ranking is Rocky Mount’s best overall ranking ever in the listings. Consequently, the city has its lowest scores for both violent and non-violent crime in the six-year history of the NCHSS list.

Safety is the most important factor that many look for when moving their young family.

How Do They Get Final Numbers for the Safe City Rankings?

To answer the following, we again refer to the official answer given by the NCHSS. “We compute the total number of crimes reported by each city by adding violent and property crimes. We then created a crime rate as the number of crimes per 1,000 population. Then we transform the total crime rate variable so that we reduce the skewness.”

For more details on the entire listing of Safest Cities in North Carolina, visit alarms.org.


In a true time of uncertainty, the families of Rocky Mount area can count on a name they’ve always trusted. With regulations including “stay-at-home” orders and social distancing, the Harrison Family YMCA brings some much-needed normalcy. Despite not being open, the Harrison “Y,” is bringing an array of online activities daily to entertain the kids and adults alike.

In this series of articles, we will detail the fun and educational “digital” activities for the youngsters. Additionally, we will touch on the same type of interactive activities the Harrison Family website offers for adults as well. 

Kids of all ages will enjoy and can complete the activities working together!

Keep Them Active and Learning Welcome to the Virtual Activity Room!

With the country and the world for that matter steeped in uncertainty, a bit of normalcy is always welcome. That being said, when it comes to combining fun and educational with a “dash of exercise,” the YMCA has long been an entity to count on.

Consequently, the credo of “counting on them” rings truer locally and presently maybe more now than ever.The Harrison Family YMCA has always provided fun, educational options for the community. Now during uncertain times they do this again. by introducing Virtual Activity Rooms. 

The Virtual Activity Rooms are much as they sound like, a classroom that your kids (or people of any age, actually) can enjoy some of the fun activities synonymous with the Harrison Family YMCA. In this case, the Rocky Mount location is dedicating the Virtual Activity Room to the youngsters a few times a week. To do this, they are adding interactive videos that you can see at your own convenience. 

The Harrison Family YMCA has different themes for different days to keep your children busy. We will briefly explain each of these below.

Mindfulness Mondays: Harrison Family YMCA Keeping Them Sharp in Mind and Body!

Once introducing their Virtual Activity Rooms, the first one is “Mindfulness Mondays.” According to their introduction of these videos, the Harrison YMCA said the following.

“This page is for our Mindfulness Monday Activities, which include things to keep kids learning and using their minds such as yoga, mindfulness sessions, emotion management, reading, and more.” Staying true to their word and to keeping the kids “mindful,” they have released several videos in this area. Those have showed the kids a fun a-home”time capsule activity, yoga, and a do-it-yourself project to make “fidgets.”

There will be a new “Mindfulness Mondays” video released each Monday. You can see these and all the previous activities at this link harrisonfamilyy.org.

The kids learn to be healthy both physically and mentally through the “virtual” programs.

Tuesdays are All About the “Tots!”

Beginning April 20, the Harrison Family YMCA introduces “Tots Tuesdays.” This area the “virtual” school available also has all the videos from previous weeks available. Obviously given the name, this area is for a slightly younger demographic. Likewise, there is new material here each Tuesday.

In the videos released for the “tots,” they have also concentrated on both physical and mental improvement in these fun -filled activities. The initial video under “Tots Tuesdays” was an animal-themed aerobic workout, called “Animal Bonanza!” Then comes an enjoyable tutorial to help learning the ABC’s, “Alphabet Fun.”

“Try Something New?” That’s the name of the game on Thursday’s with Harrison Family YMCA

The Harrison Family YMCA has. third day of the week for its interactive learning. That day is Thursdays. To be specific, they call these, “Try Something New Thursday.” In these activities, slightly older children are the man focus.

Each week so far has had a new “tutorial” on Thursday’s. In the first week, kids make “fireworks in a jar.” Next up among activities from what can be described as the virtual “science lab” area, is making edible play dough. Keeping much variety in the lessons, the third week taught the guys and girls some rythym , as they learned to sing “Camp Song.”

There are even science lessons and projects for the kids to enjoy from the Virtual Acivity Rooms.

Being Fit While Having Fun For All Ages

In our next post, we will continue our series on the “Virtual Activity Rooms” available from the Harrison Family YMCA. There we will look at several other exercise programs aimed at the kids. Likewise, we will also in this series touch on the “virtual” rooms available for teens. Lastly we will show the available videos for adults. To see more on all of these activities, visit harrisonfamilyy.org.


For our third installment of this series of blog posts, we will move slightly up the road from our previous article…literally. Last article, the focus was the beautiful Rocky Mount NC New Homes built by DR Horton at the Belmont Lake Villas Estates. The “Villas Estates” has no question become one of the two most popular sections to build in at Belmont Lake Preserve. As a result, the other and neighboring section is the area we will focus on in this post. That section is the Belmont Lake Villas and was a long time coming. However, with “America’s #1 Builder, DR Horton and a variety of great floor plans, we think you’ll agree, this section of homes was worth the wait!

(This is the third article in a series of posts about DR Horton, our on-site builder at BLP, and the #1 Builder in the U.S. To read the previous two posts in this series, follow the links below.)

Belmont Lake Preserve- “News and Events”- “DR Horton Builders at Belmont Lake Preserve: See Why They are America’s Favorite Builder”

Belmont Lake Preserve- “News and Events”- “DR Horton’s New Homes in Rocky Mount: The Belmont Lake Villa Estates

“Worth the Wait”: Welcome to DR Horton’s Rocky Mount NC New Homes at the BLP Villas!

In addition to the great one story homes in the “Villas” BLP’s amenities are second to none.

As we alluded to in our previous blog post, both area transplants and residents searching for Rocky Mount NC New Homes had spoken. The “retiree” demographic seems to prefer a certain type of home to fit their needs. To place this type home at Rocky Mount’s most amenity-rich, spectacular new home and golf community at an affordable price would almost seem too good to be true. Enter “America’s Favorite Builder!”

Yes, once again, we travel briefly back in time to early 2018. It is at about this time that DR Horton begins building new Rocky Mount NC Homes at BLP. The prospective home buyer had spoken and there was a particular “style” home they were seeking. This was a more ranch-like, or one-story home that the buyer seemed to desire. Well, their desires were listened to and delivered upon, with several options. Those options for Rocky Mount NC Homes were brought to the table by DR Horton. Likewise, they were to become the section known as the Belmont Lake Villas.

DR Horton Rocky Mount NC New Homes at the Belmont Lake Villas: The Floor Plans!

Not only is that demographic thrilled to see the Rocky Mount NC New Homes at the BLP Villas, but so are prospective buyers of all ages. DR Horton is offering up four different floor plans for the “Villas.”

Those floor plans we will look at below include the following:

  • Arlington
  • Bristol
  • Clifton
  • Dover
The “heart of the home” in DR Horton’s Arlington model is the open kitchen, dining, and living areas.

The Arlington

Once again to refer to our previous post, the Rocky Mount NC New Homes and floor plans we will discuss will feature description from the official DR Horton website

“The Arlington is an open concept perfect for those looking to downsize or right size to the main level living.” The description continues at drhorton.com. “This home offers 2 bedrooms plus a private flex space that includes a closet. The heart of the home is the open kitchen, dining, and living areas which offer plenty of spaces for large gatherings. “

They conclude, “A covered rear porch allows for additional entertaining or enjoying the outdoors. If needed, this home has the option for a second floor offering a bonus room, full bath, and bedroom.”

The Arlington is 1,588 square feet and starts at $191,990. These one-story, Rocky Mount NC New Homes feature two bedrooms, two baths, and a two-car garage.

The Bristol features many windows to provide large amounts of natural light.

The Bristol

Priced right at $195, 990, the Bristol model from “America’s Builder” is another one-story plan. Like the Arlington, these Rocky Mount NC New Homes feature two bedrooms, two baths, and a two-car garage. There is an option on this floor plan for a second floor if needed. 

DR Horton describes this plan as having “a spacious main-level owner’s suite plan with optional 2nd floor. This home has it all: walk-in pantry, large granite island, guest bedroom, and flex space.” 

They conclude their detailing of this plan, saying the following. “Tons of windows ensure this home will be open and bright. The owner’s suite with dual vanity and huge walk-in shower with seat could not be better.”

The Clifton is referred to as a “MUST SEE” floor plan by “America’s Builders,” DR Horton.

The Clifton

Starting at just under $200K ($199,990), the Clifton floor plan is slightly larger than the previous two covered. This 1,797 square foot, two bed, and two bath home is also a one-story home, however. Likewise, as with the first two Rocky Mount NC New Homes in the “Villas,” this too has a two-car garage.

“The Clifton is a MUST SEE open concept floorplan,” it rages at the DR Horton website. “Airy & bright great room, large granite countertop island, dining area, and walk-in pantry. The main level Owner’s suite with dual closets and a spacious bath has a walk-in shower with seat.”

The Dover

The private bath in the “Owner’s suite” of the Dover floor plan features a huge walk in closet and double vanities.

The Dover offers an abundance of space with 3 bedrooms and a flex room,” according to drhorton.com. “The open kitchen is in the center of the home with a large island and walk-in pantry. The dining and living areas feature with windows adding to light and airy feel of this home.” They conclude, saying, “Inside the owner’s suite is a private bath with two separate vanities and a must-see walk-in closet.”

This is the largest of our four Rocky Mount NC New Homes offered in the Belmont Lake Villas. It is 1,883 square feet and has three bedrooms. Similarly, the Dover does have two baths and a two-car garage. It is also very reasonably priced and starts at $202,990.

Next Look at DR Horton’s Rocky Mount NC New Homes: “Getting Smarter”

Among other things, our next blog entry on DR Horton will focus on a program called “Home is Connected.” This will discuss the products and steps being taken by DR Horton to keep people on top of the latest technological innovations.

Additionally, there are on-site agents to work with you on building the home you’ve always dreamed of at Belmont Lake Preserve. Likewise, there are several homes DR Horton has already built that are for sale also. To see the Rocky Mount NC New Homes at BLP currently on the market, visit belmontlakepreserve.com.


Moving along in our blog series on DR Horton at Belmont Lake Preserve (BLP) and look at some options. As expected following our initial post in this series, DR Horton offers the highest quality craftsmanship, that goes without saying. Likewise, the relationships they build and the customer experience is why they are “America’s Builder.” However, in this post, we will get more are specific to those searching for New Homes in Rocky Mount.

The partnership between DR Horton and Belmont Lake Preserve has brought “America’s Builder” to Rocky Mount.

These prospective buyers will have a chance in this post to see exactly what DR Horton is building at Belmont Lake Preserve. True to form, the customer will have their options, as in the section we discuss today alone, they offer five separate floor plans

(This is the second in a series of posts about DR Horton, our on-site builder at BLP, and the #1 Builder in the U.S. To read our initial post on DR Horton, follow the link below.)

Belmont Lake Preserve- “News and Events”- “DR Horton Builders at Belmont Lake Preserve: See Why They are America’s Favorite Builder”

New Homes in Rocky Mount from DR Horton: Finally the Belmont Lake Villas Estates!

For several years upon the Halle Companies’ purchase of Belmont Lake Preserve, there seemed to be a request from local home buyers. Yes, the search was on for New Homes in Rocky Mount. Yes, there was no new home community that could compare to BLP’s incredible on-site amenities. But, with many people looking to relocate or even residents in retirement, seeking a certain type of home, it was DR Horton to step in and deliver.

New-Homes-in-Rocky-Mount-BLP Golf
The spectacular 18-hole professional golf course at BLP is just one of many amenities on-site.

Fast forward to the Spring months of 2018, when “America’s Builder” formed a partnership at BLP and began building “move-in-ready” New Homes in Rocky Mount in a variety of floor plans. Whether coming from the Northeast to be close to family or just moving into a more accessible home in later years, the builder had delivered big. Now, with New Homes in Rocky Mount currently being built in the “Villas” section, these beautiful houses are some of the most sought after in the area.

New Homes in Rocky Mount at Belmont Lake Preserve: The DR Horton Floor Plans

The New Homes in Rocky Mount being built by DR Horton in the Belmont Lake Villas Estates section are currently available in five different floor plans. Below, we will take a brief look at each plan as described at drhorton.com. The five separate floor plans from DR Horton we will look at are:

  • Aisle
  • Elston
  • Landon
  • Robie
  • Sierra

The Aisle

The wide-open floor plan of “the Aisle” is a favorite among home buyers.

DR Horton describes this as a “truly open concept plan.” They go on to explain, “The spacious foyer welcomes you into the first floor with the open kitchen, family room, and dining room. Upstairs are four generous bedrooms including the owner’s suite, laundry room, and a storage closet.”

The Aisle floor plan in Horton’s New Homes in Rocky Mount starts at $183,990. They are two stories, with four bedrooms, two and a half baths, and a two-car garage. The Aisle is a 1,927 square foot home.

The Elston

The Elston is a popular DR Horton floor plan that starts right around $200K.

This popular model of New Homes in Rocky Mount from DR Horton are 2,174 square feet and two stories high. There is a two-car garage, four bedrooms, and two and a half baths. Prices for the Elston start at $203, 830.

“The Elston is highlighted by a generous family room ideal for large gatherings,” according to drhorton.com. “The kitchen features a center island overlooking the family room.”

They continue, “A loft area is at the top of the 2nd-floor landing. Tucked away is an owner’s retreat with a spacious bath and mesmerizing walk-in closet.” 

The Landon

“The Landon plan features four bedrooms and three full bathrooms at 2,570 square feet.” The official DR Horton site continues, “It is an open concept plan on the main floor with a large kitchen island. The home has large oversized windows allowing natural light to pour in and spacious rooms and large WIC.”

The Owner’s Suite in the Robie floor plan is spacious with many great features.

The description from “America’s #1 Builder continues, “The guest bedroom is located on the main floor. The second floor offers a loft area and the laundry room. The Owner’s Suite is spacious with a large walk in closet. The Owner’s bath features a separate tub and shower, and dual vanity.”

Much like the previous two, floor plans, The Landon, is a great deal, with prices starting at $207, 990. On top of the other noted features, these New Homes in Rocky Mount feature a two-car garage.

The Robie

Moving up to a floor plan for bigger families among the New Homes in Rocky Mount is the Robie. Starting under $200K at $196, 990, this five-bedroom home is another of “America’s Builder’s” favorite plans. These homes have five bedrooms, with three full bathrooms, and a two-car garage.

At drhorton.com, they describe the Robie floor plan. “The Robie has it all with a guest bedroom on the 1st floor, open concept kitchen and family room, plus a walk-in pantry. On the second level are four generous bedrooms including the private owner’s suite and a loft area with a storage closet.”

The Sierra

Shown is the beautiful, “Sierra” model from “America’s #1 Builder, DR Horton.”

“The Sierra has an open foyer to the second floor and is an open concept plan with a large kitchen island.” Continuing through this floor plan, DR Horton described as follows. “The Owner’s suite is conveniently located on the main floor! The Owner’s bath features a large walk-in shower, dual vanity, and large walk-in closet.”

The description concludes, “This plan has oversized windows allowing natural light to pour in from each side! The second floor offers a large loft/upstairs living area (27×15) and 3 additional bedrooms! “

The Sierra is a two-story, three-bedroom, two and a half bathroom home that starts at $202,990. These New Homes in Rocky Mount also feature a two-car garage.

Next Look at DR Horton’s New Homes in Rocky Mount: “Getting Smarter”

Among other things, our next blog entry on DR Horton will focus on a program called, ” Home is Connected.” This will dicuss the products and steps being taken by DR Horton to keep people connected thgrough staying on top of the latest technological innovations.

Additionally, there are on-site agents to work with you on building the home you’ve always dreamed of at Belmont Lake Preserve. Likewise, there are several homes DR Horton has already built that are for sale also. To see the New Homes in Rocky Mount at BLP currently on the market, visit belmontlakepreserve.com.

Starting in the early part of 2018, a partnership was formed at Belmont Lake Preserve (BLP) that brought the community together with DR Horton Builders. Known as “America’s Builder,” the Horton team has been an incredible edition at BLP, offering their creative and trusted brand of home building in Rocky Mount’s most sought after new home community.

In this series of posts, we will take a look at not only the history of DR Horton Builders but also give you a peek at what they are offering at BLP. This, the first post of the series, will bring you back to the company’s humble beginnings and walk you each step of their journey to becoming the number one builder in the U.S. for the better part of the last two decades.

DR Horton Builders: “An Industry Standard Since 1978”

The DR Horton “Ready-to-Move-In”homes at BLP are ready for you, now!

Yes, it was a different time, for sure. Over four decades ago, to be exact. Regardless, the foundation for DR Horton Builders to become “America’s Builder,” began in Fort Worth, Texas. The year was 1978 and company Founder and Chairman, Donald R. Horton saw DR Horton break ground on its very first home. As described at the DR Horton Builders website, since that moment, “the company has defined its success not by bricks and mortar, but by the satisfaction of the families that make our houses their homes.”

When a company refers to itself as “America’s Builder,” there has to be some type of substance behind such a claim. DR Horton Builders certainly has the statistics and numbers to back up their claim as the top builder in the U.S., as just in the calendar year of 2019 alone, the company closed on 58, 434 homes. Likewise, they are building homes for American families in 90 different markets across 29 different states in the U.S. As mentioned above, this not only made DR Horton Builders number one in volume sold last year but the top builder brand in the country by volume since 2002.

A Brief Timeline of DR Horton Builders Expansion Over the Years

Since Mr. Horton opened the doors on this company 42 years ago, there have been several major milestones along the way to the present day. Again referring to drhorton.com, the following timeline represents what they feel to be the most important three moments in their history.

  • 1978- DR Horton Builders broke ground on its very first home in Fort Worth, Texas.
  • 1992- The company completes its first, initial public offering of stock.
  • 2002- DR Horton Builders becomes the number one largest homebuilder by volume in the United States.

Value, Trust, and Tradition: The 3 Pillars of DR Horton’s Success

The Elton model (pictured) has been popular among those buying new homes in Rocky Mount.

DR Horton Builders take great pride in their hard work, quality product, and the customer/builder relationships built to put them at the top of their field. They attest their success in each of these areas to three attributes that they have kept as their main focus for the past four-plus decades. At drhorton.com, they speak of these three areas, value, trust, and tradition. Below is how they define each in regards to delivering the customer a great home building experience.


“Your home says a lot about what you value in life. It’s a refuge for you to relax, entertain, learn, grow, or just be. Which is why we build your home using only the finest materials, latest designs, and the kind of warranty that can only come from America’s Builder.”


“When you’re making the biggest investment of your life, you need to know that you can count on your builder. You’re not just a customer. You’re family. And we’ll take care of you like family.”


You’re buying more than just a house. You’re investing in a place to call home as you grow through life’s stages, and one day retire. This is why since 1978, D.R. Horton has stood by its promise to deliver you top-quality homes at affordable prices. Or, what we like to call, the American Dream.

The Horton “Commitment to Excellence” and Why They Should be Your Home Builder

The DR Horton “Commitment to Excellence” has made home buyers happy since 1978.

In the section titled “Our Story” at DR Horton Builders’ official website, they speak of the commitment to excellence that the company has always strived to deliver. Likewise, they again provide undeniable statistics that are offered up for your consideration before selecting a home builder. The opening sentence of this section asks, “What else should you consider as you select a new home?”

In an attempt to answer their question for, you, the DRHorton site goes on to offer up the following. “Below are a few items for your consideration in determining our ability to be there for you, both during the construction process and after you close on your home.”

  • We’ve delivered more than 740,000 homes to our nation’s customers since our company’s inception.
  • Since 2002, more homebuyers have chosen D.R. Horton than any other national builder.
  • We operate in 43 of homebuilding’s top 50 markets in the U.S. and rank among the top five in 31 of these.
  • Our team of 7,000 marketing experts is spread across the nation in 29 states and 90 markets.

DR Horton Builders are “Building the Future” at Belmont Preserve

The next article in this series of posts will take a look at “America’s Builder” and what they have to offer for new homes in Rocky Mount at Belmont Lake Preserve. A rich history, as detailed above, of taking care of their customers and a variety of floor plan options exclusive to BLP, make this the builder for you.

So, as they say at drhorton.com, “Continue to live out those dreams, America, and know we’ll be here for you every step of the way.” Likewise, they will be there at BLP for you every step of the way as well. For a sampling of the Rocky Mount homes for sale at Belmont Lake by DR Horton, visit belmontlakepreserve.com.

In our first installment of this two-part series, we attempted to open your eyes to common Mistakes Made when Building a Home. In this post, we will remind you of four more mistakes that homebuyers can easily make if they have not completely familiarized themself with the process.

5) Location, Location, Location…Take it into Consideration and Avoid Mistakes Made When Building a Home

Location is a big item to consider when deciding where to build. Proximity to grocery stores, gas stations, schools, etc . are all important.

When we are talking location as it relates to our list of Mistakes Made when Building a New Home, we will provide you a list. (Yes, a second list…) On our list of things to remind you of regarding location, we will show you four reasons why this is a mistake you DO NOT want to make. Don’t just go for the least expensive lot at the neighborhood you choose. Remember, the lots are priced as they are for a reason and remember though you are excited to be building a new home, at some point you may be reselling this same home. Think about the long term return on your investment when selecting a lot.

Do some research on the land viability where you are building. Again, when thinking of the overall value of the lot you’re purchasing, you really want to be knowledgable of things such as terrain, water table, slope, utilities, etc.

Specific Items to Search for in Purchasing a Home Lot

  • Don’t just go for the least expensive lot at the neighborhood you choose. Remember, the lots are priced as they are for a reason and remember though you are excited to be building a new home, at some point you may be reselling this same home. Think about the long term return on your investment when selecting a lot.
  • Do some research on the land viability where you are building. Again, when thinking of the overall value of the lot you’re purchasing, you really want to be knowledgable of things such as terrain, water table, slope, utilities, etc.
  • The lot size is also something to factor into eventual return on investment. Also, while you are living in the home this is important. Do you prefer a lot that is closer in distance ton a neighbor? Or would you rather have a more spacious lot that is built at a greater distance from a neighbor?
  • How close are you to the necessities? A gas station, grocery store, schools, etc. Depending on you, your family size, and personal taste you may want to be sure to be relatively close to things like this. Then again, some prefer a quiet, more spaced out, and more private location.

6) Budget with No Buffer!

Planning ahead with a budget, including a reserve “slush fund” can help avoid Mistakes Made When Building a Home.

First and foremost, you need to come up with a budget when you are building a home. Sticking with our theme of helping you avoid common Mistakes Made when Building a New Home when you build this budget, you want to keep a few things in mind.

First, the budget you create needs to include a “slush fund.” This is a “little extra” to take care of incidentals that happen along the way. This could include any unforeseen circumstances or overages in the building process. Also, special or additional features you may decide you want when in the building process will need to be covered. Again, this is where the slush fund would come into play. 

Before you find yourself making any mistakes, calculate the baseline price and add in any extras or upgrades before putting a deposit down. Trust us, you will be happy you did!

7) Never Assume that Your Previous Home is a Sure Thing to Sell Before the New Home is Built!

In all honesty, to assume anything in this process could earn inclusion among our listing of Mistakes Made when Building a Home. But to just figure in the cost of your previous home as “money in the bank,” could prove to be a very large mistake.

Depending on your previous home location or the local economy at the time you have it on the market, there is certainly a chance your home will not sell by the time the new house is built. For our recommendation for being prepared in this situation, we again turn to a list…to keep you away from making mistakes on our overall list. Here are your options to consider and keep in mind.

  • You move into the new home and rent out your previous home while still trying to sell it.
  • Make payments on both the new and previous home at the same time. This could obviously get costly in a hurry.
  • Try and find a realtor other than the one you initially hired that has not seen the home sell. Some realtors are just frankly more creative and better at their job than others. This could be the difference in finding a buyer.
  • Lastly, you can walk away from the newly built home and lose the deposit money from it and stay where you are at.

8) Do Your Homework to be Sure You Have not Selected the Wrong Builder

Doing the research and finding a builder you can trust and work well with will save you many headaches.

The final of our 8 Mistakes Made when Building a Home is quite probably the most important of any. The last thing you want to do is select the wrong builder for whatever the reason. Put the time in to research the builders that you are considering and asrrive at an educated decision you are comfortable with on this.

How do you arrive at this educated decision you may ask? Well for starters find their website and take a look through. Look for examples of their work. Likewise, you can get background on who you are dealing with and asking to “build your home.” Also, check for actual customer reviews, look at Facebook or Google reviews. Seeing how others viewed working with a builder can certainly be beneficial to you moving forward. 

Lastly, ask the potential builders to give examples of their work to you. You can also tour some of the neighborhoods in which each builder had worked previously. This is another chance to ask people about their experiences.

To read our initial post on Mistakes Made when Building a Home, follow the link below.

Belmont Lake Preserve- Blog“Mistakes to Avoid When Building a New Home”

This concludes our two-part series on Mistakes Made when Building a Home. For some floor plans, ideas, and even photos of homes at the Belmont Lake Preserve NC golf community, visit belmontlakepreserve.com


Preparing to build your new dream home, can be an exciting time, no doubt. However, a process that is by no means cheap. In this time of excitement, there is no need to rush into any situation that can make this more costly. Therefore, we will steer you clear of the more common oversights made when people choose build a new house. Consequently, what follows is part one of our two-part series listing Mistakes to Avoid When Building a Home.

Hiring a general contractor is essential in your build process, do not go at this alone!

1) Hire a General Contractor…You Are NOT Qualified for This!

We can chalk this one up to the excitement factor that was spoken of above, I suppose. Regardless, this is one of the most common Mistakes to Avoid When Building a Home. It’s plain and simple, it’s cut and dry, and there is no in-between! The general contractor that is hired to supervise and oversee the construction of your home is qualified for this. Just to be clear, in most cases, you are not.

The importance of the previous statement calls for it to be spoken clearly. A general contractor’s duties include (but are not necessarily limited to) identifying and sourcing out sub-contractors. They are also responsible for gathering bids for the various parts of the job. Thus, hiring a reputable contractor will be more likely to deliver the quality results that you want when building a new home. To explain, when a sub-contractor is hired out by a known, respected general contractor for your job, they can create an opportunity to get more work in the future by delivering quality work in a timely fashion. On the contrary, if you are personally “the contractor,” they can be almost sure they will never work with you again. Thus, they are much more likely to not pay attention to detail and quality or stick to budgets and scheduled completion times.

To summarize, you may look at hiring a general contractor as an unnecessary expense. However, not hiring one, we feel is the first of our Mistakes to Avoid When Building a New Home.

2) There is a Difference Between Spending Wisely and Being Cheap…Now is NOT the Time to Be Cheap!!!

There are many areas and aspects of life where saving a few bucks is a commendable move. When making the major life decisions involving the building of your new home, is not one of these aspects or areas. Thus, looking to be frugal when sourcing out bids for your home build for sure falls among our Mistakes to Avoid When Building a New Home.

This mistake is one that is understandably made. Due to the process being expensive, looking to save in certain spots may seem a wise idea. Rest assured that builders bidding to build your home are familiar with this method of thinking from customers, too. This can lead to them offering a lower price and a faster schedule for completion in their bidding. However, there is a fair chance that they used the lower price and time table to secure the work. 

What will follow from there, is anyone’s guess…and again, “guessing,” will not guarantee you anything. It will, however, place you securely among our list of Mistakes to Avoid When Building a New Home.

Becoming very familiar with all legal documents involved in the home building process will make so you have no unwanted surprises.

3) Be Sure to Have Your Own Back Covered…Because No One Else Will!

Building a new home is unquestionably one of the biggest investments you will make in this lifetime. In this process, there are many opportunities for a savvier and more experienced party involved to take advantage of your inexperience. Therefore, our third entry among our Mistakes to Avoid When Building a New Home is to be actively aware of all steps in the building process and oversee every single detail. In other words, COVER YOUR OWN BACK, every step of the way!

Our first suggestion here is to become familiar with any and all legal documents in the building process. Likewise, it is advisable to read and go over any documents with a lawyer. This includes a copy of the contractor or subcontractor’s insurance policies. (To make sure you are not liable for an on-site injury!) While you are with the attorney, it also is wise to go over the agreed upon floorplan and home features you have agreed upon. Once the construction process begins, changes to the plans can prove very costly.

Read up on the documentation, discuss and share this and all paperwork with a lawyer to be sure you understand exactly what they read and what is expected in the building process.

The incentives offered in your building process can wind you up with nice appliance or in some cases, thousands of dollars off the closing cost.

4) Get What You’ve Got Coming to You! Always Ask About any Incentives Being Offered!

We mentioned above that in the case of an experienced contractor, they may take advantage of your inexperience or lack of knowledge in some areas of this process. These same contractors and builders are many times offering incentives and deals if they are selected for the job of building your home. The next of our Mistakes to Avoid when Building a New Home is to make sure you ask and are aware of these incentives. If they are giving you something (or in the case of price taking something off!) you want to be aware of it and “get what is yours!”

Usually, the home builder’s incentives for you selecting them to build your house are pretty valuable. Some examples of the incentives that may be offered include money off of the closing costs or overall home prices. Likewise, they sometimes will give upgraded features, appliances or amenities.  

Regardless, when incentives are offered they likely something that you will want. After all, how often are you offered something of significant value for free?

Location, Builders, Budgets and More to Come in Part Two

In our next post we will look at our final four Mistakes to Avoid When Building a New Home. There we will discuss the importance of taking your location into consideration. Likewise, look at the budget you have for building and selling your previous home. In addition we will touch on what is the “right” or “wrong” builder.

In conclusion, the process of building a home is a costly one. You don’t need to make it become even costlier. However, if you keep in mind these Mistakes You Want to Avoid When Building a New Home you can save yourself a headache. To see the floor plans currently available here at the Belmont Lake Preserve golf community, visit the “New Homes” section at belmontlakepreserve.com.