North Carolina Wesleyan College: Not Just a Neighbor When it’s All in the Family


So, after much deliberation, you have decided to make your relocation choice one that is close to where your child has opted to go to college. Your decision process took many items into consideration, but as much as your final choice wound up at Belmont Lake Preserve for its proximity to your child, its overall centralized location to all things NC was very inviting also. But, Rocky Mount and North Carolina Wesleyan College (NCWC) will be home to your son or daughter for the next several years, on their personal educational journey. Thus, for you, our new home at Belmont Lake Preserve not only puts you close, but it literally makes them your neighbor.

Sure, being literally next door is unbelievably close to North Carolina Wesleyan College. However, on top of the their actual family, the NCWC experience will introduce them to a whole another family as well. Known as a very “hands-on” school many students and professors take part in this. Yes, their initial college experience is successful but readies them to leave the university upon graduation.

Making You “Believe” at North Carolina Wesleyan College

The school’s slogan at North Carolina Wesleyan College is “Believe.” This can be taken in several different ways, however as they use the term on their own website, NCWC “believes” in you, their students. With several amazing options for incoming students to show them support and help them transition to “college life,” it is obvious that the great staff and faculty truly do “believe” in making a difference.

One of the very first “support services” that your child will be introduced to at North Carolina Wesleyan College is Academic Support Services. The mission of this service is to help students adjust .Its also to assist the students in achieving academic success throughout their entire time at NCWC. The NCWC Academic Support Services help them to become active in their studies. Likewise it shows that can be responsible within the NCWC community. 

The school’s academic Support Services programs and resources include Supplemental Instruction, Peer and Professional Tutoring, and Online Tutoring.

Supplemental Instruction at NCWC: Students Making a Difference for the Students

Your first question when arriving at this point in our post almost has to be, what exactly is “Supplemental Instruction?” Well, to begin, it is a voluntary program at North Carolina Wesleyan College, however it comes highly recommended.

For starters, Supplemental Instruction or SI is a completely peer/student facilitated cooperative support system for fellow NCWC students. This is not some type of remedial program or aimed at students who are struggling or having difficulties. While it certainly could help a student in such a predicament, SI is a program by students and for any and all at North Carolina Wesleyan College looking to improve academically.

What are the End Results from the SI Program at North Carolina Wesleyan College?

So, all this being said, the next apparent question about Supplemental Instruction would be, how does it work? Well, to start, the SI program is available in a variety of supported courses at North Carolina Wesleyan College. Students enrolled in these classes have support and assistance available to them in the form of an “SI leader.” The SI leaders are sophomores, juniors, or seniors at NCWC with a GPA of 3.0 or above that have knowledge of and have been successful in the area of study of the given course they are to help with.

The Supplemental Instruction leaders are assigned to a particular course and then attend all class sessions for the said course that semester. They schedule and meet outside of the class for study and review type sessions on the class 2-3 times weekly with students seeking their assistance. This works as a forum for students in the class to compare their notes and outlook on the course. 

Likewise, they become more familiar with the material and not only their own take on it but also the way others in. the same spot views the material. These sessions are not mandatory, but North Carolina Wesleyan College research done on the SI program shows that on a consistent basis, those who do attend received on average an increase of nearly a full letter grade in these topics. 92 percent of those utilizing this resource received as A, B, or C letter grade.

“Believe” in Becoming Part of the Rich History of NCWC

Yes, the SI program is a unique and self-sufficient way that students can come together to achieve their goals. This innovative program builds confidence and readies the students for the future and similar situations where they will need to work with others. their given field of study. 

A third and most important yes…is yes, these traits and good habits will form. Likewise, they will continue as your child becomes part of the NCWC family. That is a family that has evolved. A family that values the coming together of a student body . Family values that has stood strong and built a strong reputation for nearly 65 years.

North Carolina Wesleyan College stands today just and strongly as it did upon opening in 1956. In the current day, it has a total of 2,008 undergraduate students on campus. This also allows for that “hands-on” family feel that NCWC strives for, as nearly 80 percent of the classes have fewer than 20 students in them. 

There are many great programs of study at NCWC. The most popular majors at the school include Business Administration and Management, General; Organizational Leadership; Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement Administration; Psychology, General; and Accounting. There is an overall student satisfaction ranking of over 60 percent. This shows that the NCWC “family-style” of learning is one that truly “hits home.”

Let North Carolina Wesleyan College Help You be One Big Happy Family!

You opted for your new home in Rocky Mount with many deciding factors playing into the choice. Being closer to your child as they begin their college journey was one of the top factors on that list. Thus moving to the Belmont Lake Preserve new home and golf community, was a winning choice. Likewise, you literally put yourself next door to North Carolina Wesleyan College and your son or daughter. Whether at BLP, NCWC, or under your very own roof, that spells one thing…family!

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