The Top Three New Home Design Trends on the Rise in 2019

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In this our third installment of New Home Design Trends, we will look at the “top of the list.” Again, we refer to the real estate experts at Houzz for the top three trends on our list. This last post of the series will take us in and out of three separate rooms that could be a part of your new home.

The “living room with personality” is one of Houzz’s top design trends on the rise.

New Home Design Trends with a Little “Personality”

It was not too long ago that not only were homeowners not focusing on the dining room, but the room was near extinction. This is obviously no longer the case based on number three of our New Home Design Trends.

“Dining rooms with a personality” is the way Houzz blogger, Mitchell Parker names this trend. Going on to explain the number three entry among his New Home Design Trends, he says the following.

“While many family meals are had at informal spots near or in the kitchen, dining rooms are thriving for special occasions.” Parker goes on to say, “That specialness opens up opportunities to inject lots of personality through color, pattern, lighting and more that might not fit within the context of the style found elsewhere in the home.”

The shower “ledge” has replaced the shower “niche” in many new homes being built this year.

A “Ledge” Instead of a “Niche” in the Shower

Number two on our list is the inclusion of shower ledges in place of niches. First, this makes for less work in the construction phase. To explain, with a niche, there must be a recession between wall studs for its placemen. Likewise, extra planning and preparation must go into what is used to tile the niche’s interior.

On the contrary, the Houzz post discussing the New Home Design Trends explains how a ledge is easier. “A shower ledge is much more straightforward,” the article states. “It requires a build-out of only a few inches into the shower space.” The piece concludes, “Run it along the length of your shower stall and you’ve got tons of space. Cap it with a piece of your bathroom vanity countertop material and call it a day.”

The number one new design trend according to Houzz and Builder Magazine in 2019 is a mix of wood and painted cabinets in the kitchen.

A Mix of Wood and Painted Keep Cabinets Atop the List

According to Houzz’s research, more than 40 percent of renovating homeowners choose white cabinets in their kitchen. Thus, it is no surprise that cabinets would be on top our list of New Home Design Trends.

Wood cabinets amongst painted cabinets is number one among the Top 10 trends. Parker details this rising trend thoroughy at “One way designers are keeping white kitchens interesting is by introducing other finishes to help break up the expanse of white cabinetry.” He goes on to say that ” A great way to do that is by adding just a few beautiful wood drawers.” This simple switch can add warmth, texture and interest to the kitchen.

New Home Design Trends or Your Home Design Trends at Belmont Lake Preserve

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