Be True to You! One NC Day Trip Per Month for the Entire Year!


With the year that many have had in 2020, it’s an understatement to say a new year would be welcome by most at any time! But once this new year does come, just as many do every year, what truly do you go out and change in your life to make it more enjoyable? It is a common joke that people declare their “resolutions” for a year, but then never quite own up to or stay true to them. Well, only you can change and make that extra time for yourself, and likewise, only you can decide what exactly this new “you time” consists of. At the beginning of 2020, the tourism website “Only in Your State” offered an idea for just this type of thing. It was there suggested that one take One NC Day Trip Per Month to a Special Location.

So, where exactly does one consider to be a “special location?” This would be the logical follow-up question in moving towards taking One NC Day Trip Per a Month. Well, as you have come to see since relocating to your new home in Rocky Mount at Belmont Lake Preserve, the amazing outdoor activities and destinations across the state are seemingly endless. However, with your one day per month for these “trips,” we have laid out an awe-inspiring agenda for “you time” in the upcoming year.

This will be the first in a two-part series and will take you from January-June. In our follow up post, we will finish off your One NC Day Trip Per Month “agenda” for July through December.

Starting Your One NC Day Trip Per Month Schedule: Late Winter into Spring

Another key factor in choosing the move to Belmont lake Preserve, Rocky Mount, and North Carolina, for that matter is its four distinct weather patterns for its four distinct seasons.

Well, staying true to that pattern we will center your One NC Day Trip Per Month around taking advantage of this weather…and we will take advantage of it one day per month, all year long.

January- McGailliard Falls Park, Valdese

To kick start the year, we suggest you wait for one of those uncharacteristically warm January North Carolina days. The weather need not be perfect, but for the first One NC Day Trip Per Month, we explore McGailliard Falls Park. Now when we say “explore,” at this site, located in Valdese, we truly mean it. Enjoy the hidden 40-foot waterfall sitting next to a historic mill right inside a beautiful city park. Pack up a picnic and let yourself truly enjoy the serenity of this majestic location.

February- Hawks Nest Snow Tubing, Seven Devils

Our number two One NC Day Trip Per Month brings us to February and the largest snow tubing park on the entire East Coast. Whereas in January we waited for that elusive warm winter day, not needed this month. Even if there has not been actual snowfall, as long as temperatures reach cold enough temperature, they make their own snow at Hawks Nest, so all you need to worry about is steering that tube!

March- Lazy 5 Ranch, Mooresville

So far as the winter months slowly head toward Spring, we’ve had two entirely different, but wholly amazing experiences. Well, we won’t let the One NC Day Trip Per Month “streak” of amazement end, especially not if you’re an animal lover. Lazy 5 Ranch in Mooresville is our March day trip. This up close and personal wildlife experience takes you by wagon or you can take your car “on safari.” You will see and interact along this 3.5-mile journey with animals from six different continents that have been raised here at Lazy 5 Ranch.

As the Temperatures Rise, So do options For More One NC Day Trip Per Month

Winter is hopefully in our review mirror by the time March has given way until April. The Spring season is truly a season of beauty here in the “Tar Heel State.” Hence, moving along with your One NC Day Trip Per Month you will experience that beauty first hand. Let’s get back “on the trail,” shall we

April- Covered Bridge at Ole Gilliam Mill Park, Sanford

Scenic. Historic. A true time tested treasure is our first stop of the “swing into Spring.,” This 140-foot long covered bridge is actually the longest covered bridge in the entire state. This stop among your One NC Day Trip Per Month schedule is all about the sights, sounds, and scents of Spring. Connected to this walk back in time is a park that appropriately includes a near-exact replica of an old mill that once sat on this land before being washed away by floods. But back to the present time and more importantly your monthly voyage, soak in and enjoy the amazing array of spring blooms on your scenic drive to this destination. Likewise, continue enjoying all the way home until next month.

May- Cheerwine Festival, Salisbury

Nothing, and we mean nothing (well almost nothing) screams North Carolina like Cheerwine! The delicious soft drink that was born out of our home state has been delighting people with its sweet and bubbly cherry goodness for over 100 years. Now, readying for its fifth year in existence is your next One NC Day Trip Per Month destination…Salisbury’s Cheerwine Festival! The last festival in 2019 drew over 50,000 people to Salisbury to celebrate all things Cheerwine. Street performers, food vendors, live music, fun, and every possible recipe that could include Cheerwine you could ever imagine. Now, this was a day trip that truly cements your place as a North Carolinian!

June- North Carolina Zoo, Asheboro

The Spring has long passed, and the rainy or more mildly warm days are few and far between. Simply said, it’s hot, and it’s Summer in North Carolina. Yes, there are plenty of places statewide to enjoy on a gorgeous summer day. However, many do not realize that right here in Asheboro is not only your next One NC Day Trip Per Month is to the largest zoo in the world that features natural habitats for the animals. Just before the heat of June flames up even higher in July and August, June is the perfect time to visit the North Carolina Zoo. It’s also the perfect time for a visit to the grasslands of Africa, the North American Prairie, and all the habitats, right here in NC.

Continuing on Your NC One Day Trip Per Month Get-Aways From Red Hot to Ice Cold

In our next, follow-up post, we will take you through the last six months of the year and more specifically layout your day trip agenda from July through December. With the heat reaching in highest and the cold sinking its lowest within this upcoming six months, who knows where the trail to more positive “you time” will bring you. The one thing that we can be sure of is that it will be amazing, and it will be NC.

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