Incredible One of a Kind NC Animal Encounters Await You


Outdoor excursions. Family-friendly fun spots, statewide. Places to get just about every type of delicious food you can imagine. What do these things have in common? They are all just a few of the things that you have discovered across North Carolina since opting to move to your new home in Rocky Mount at Belmont Lake Preserve. So, with all the great activities to choose from, what could possibly be left to explore in NC? Well, for the animal lover in your home, we have just the thing. A short trip from BLP awaits some of the most unique and once-in-a-lifetime- NC Animal Encounters that you may never even have thought possible.

Below, we have listed and briefly described several destinations across the state that you can enjoy some amazing NC Animal Encounters. Each of those listed is less than a two and a half-hour car ride from Belmont lake Preserve, with our closest stop being less than 30 miles away.

Amazing NC Animal Encounters Under Two and Half Hours from BLP

(Distances given between each site and Belmont Lake Preserve are estimates from Google Maps.)

Sylvan Heights Bird Park, Scotland Neck

Anyone for some bird watching? We don’t just mean your average winged fried flying by either, as the closest of our NC Animal Encounters is just over a half-hour away from Belmont lake Preserve. See the largest collection of waterfowl species in the entire world in addition to flamingos and just about any exotic bird you can imagine.

Distance from Belmont Lake Preserve: 37 minutes (27.8 miles)

North Carolina Estuarium, Washington

The next area for more amazing NC Animal Encounters is only a little bit over an hour from your new home in Rocky Mount. This is the world’s first estuarium and still to the day, the only one that focuses on both salt and freshwater species. 

Distance from Belmont Lake Preserve: 1 hour 14 minutes (64.7 miles)

Duke’s Lemur Center, Durham

Do we have a Lemur fan under your roof at Belmont Lake Preserve? No? Well, it would have come as less surprising I guess if you had a fan then it is that North Carolina has an entire sanctuary devoted to them. Regardless, these lovable, furry primates await for another of our NC Animal Encounters at Duke University in Durham

Distance from Belmont Lake Preserve: 1 hour 26 minutes (89.2 miles)

Aloha Safari Zoo, Cameron

This is another exotic animal sanctuary that’s under two hours from your doorstep at BLP. As far as our unique NC Animal Encounters go, at Aloha Safari Zoo in Cameron the experiences are just that…unique. Ever want to feed a giraffe? How about nursing a newborn big cat or some type? Well, here is your chance.

Distance from Belmont Lake Preserve: 1 hour 47 minutes (115.2 miles)

All-A-Flutter Farms Butterfly Farm, High Point

Now, technically, I am not positive that this counts as one of our NC Animal Encounters. However, we love butterflies, and you know that you do too…so close enough. Come see the entire life cycle of the monarch butterfly at this NC farm that raises them before letting them fly free with millions of other Monarchs on route to Mexico each year.

Distance from Belmont Lake Preserve: 2 hours 21 minutes (147.4 miles)

North Carolina Zoo, Asheboro

Our final spot for NC Animal Encounters may be the furthest estimated time from your new home in Rocky Mount. However at just over 140 miles, your trip to the North Carolina Zoo puts you at the largest zoo in the entire world. The NC Zoo is known for its spectacular natural habitats for each species and animal. Also a impressive is how each animal’s country is represented and awaiting you to begin to explore.

Distance from Belmont Lake Preserve: 2 hours 24 minutes (140.7 miles)

All Ages Fun Goes Hand in Hand with These NC Animal Encounters

Whether the youngest child in the home or bringing the visiting grandparents, the incredible experiences at the NC Animal Encounters above are truly thrilling for all ages. The fact that all of these are well with in distance of a simple day trip makes these one of a kind moments, well, able to be enjoyed more than once! 

Regardless of how many times you visit any of the above animal destinations, there are so many features at each, you could really never get enough. For more details on the Belmont Lake Preserve new home community, visit