What’s In and What’s Out: 2020 Home Interior Design Trends

In this post, we continue to showcase the most popular styles in homebuilding this year. Taking a slightly different approach however in this article, we will look at not only a trend that is seeing increased popular. On the contrary, in this series on 2020 Home Interior Design Trends, we will also speak of a corresponding trend that is losing popularity moving forward as well.

For this post, we will look at four Home Interior Design Trends from both sides, “in and out.” Thus, we will not only give you a head’s up regarding some of the most popular ideas but also clue you into that are on “the way out.”

(#1) 2020 Home Interior Design Trends 

What’s In: Fully Integrated Hardware on Kitchen Cabinets

This is a complete detach from another trend in recent years that obviously is losing popularity. Regardless, by fully integrating the hardware, a sleek and seamless look is achieved. This also creates a somewhat calming effect, as the hardware mimics the molding lines for an overall clean and uniform, yet stylish feel.

What’s Out: Kitchen Cabinets with Oversized Pulls

The “detach” we speak of above, is this. Admittedly, there was a period in the not-so-distant past that large, oversized handles and pulls were very desirable among those building or remodeling. 

The bigger, older style, refrigerator type handles that have been used on cabinets are being replaced. Likewise, clunky, big painted pulls and handles are too. Both are seeing much of the integrated hardware we talk of above in their place.

(#2) 2020 Home Interior Design Trends

What’s In: Wallpaper with Floral Prints and Patterns

In what appears to be starting to become a pattern (no pun intended this entry among these 2020 trends is directly related to one on “it’s way out.” 

It is being noted by designers and publications that clients are more and more opting for and stylish floral patterns on their wallpaper in bedrooms especially.

What’s Out: Geometric Prints and Designs

Much as we explain with the “oversized pulls” above, geometric designs and prints had gained popularity. Again, much live those handles, this was almost a throwback trend while it lasted. 

However, it seems currently that geometric prints are out. In their place is the above, floral listing on out Home Interior Design Trends whether in a full wall or an accent role.

(#3) 2020 Home Interior Design Trends

What’s In: An Environmentally Friendly Fireplace

Many recently designed living rooms and even some bedrooms are tending to utilize environmentally friendly fireplaces. There are several reasons that we see make this a stylish and fairly easy choice. 

For starters, you get the comfort and look of the conventional fireplace, but with no need for ventilation. Likewise, these are simple to install, just find an area in which they fit and set it there. Many models “stand-alone” and are beautiful, decorative pieces on their own. This popular item can also be used with a surround or integrated into “built-in” furniture. 

What’s Out: Conventional Gas or Wood Burning Fireplaces

Well, looking at our first two entries that are “in” and their counterparts, this one is no surprise. The reasoning here is convenience and cost-effectiveness mostly.

Whereas the “stand-alone” fireplaces don’t need any ventilation, this type certainly does. Additionally, there is far more maintenance with a conventional fireplace. They also contribute to harmful CO2 emissions, adding to the popularity of its counterpart of our Home Interior Design Trends

(#4) 2020 Home Interior Design Trends

What’s In: Kitchen Islands featuring Cantilevered Eat-In Area

To begin, for those not familiar with the term, “cantilever” is a projecting structure that connects at one end and free at the other. That said, our next Home Interior Design Trends is a kitchen island witha lower surface that can be sat at for dining purposes.

With the popularity of the kitchen in people’s homes for social purposes, this should come as no surprise. The lower seating and easily fashionable look make this one of the most popular of and Home Interior Design Trends on our list.

What’s Out: The Traditional Kitchen Island

Is almost starting to feel as though our Home Interior Design Trends are stepping away from “tradition.” I suppose, in some ways they are, as here we looked at the decrease in popularity of the traditional kitchen island. 

Just as the reasons above make the islands with a lower eat-in area more convenient, they make this type less. Les comfortable to eat. Less convenient in finding that height of stools. Likewise, less child friendly and thus less popular.

In this first of a three-part series on 2020 Home Interior Design Trends, we saw a significant shift from “tradition.” However, it is not necessarily a “traditional” style or looks that is seeing a decrease. More so, it would appear that there is an effort to keep the look and style while integrating efficiency and convenience.

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