East Carolina University: “Built by the People, For the People”

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In his inaugural address, the school’s first President, Robert Wright described East Carolina University in words that still ring true today. “It was built by the people, for the people, and may it ever remain with the people, as a servant of the people.” This powerful statement has proven to be true in numerous ways over the years. However, now your child has decided to pursue an education at the highly decorated college located in Greenville. This played heavily into your choice to relocate to the Belmont Lake Preserve (BLP) community in Rocky Mount. Thus, making you and your family those “people” that President Wright spoke of. Likewise, this is a good thing for your family, as he notes in his speech, what lies ahead will no question “remain with you” as “the people.”

Once your son or daughter made their final pick of East Carolina University, yours for BLP was an easy one. From the front door to your new home in Rocky Mount to the Greenville ECU campus is just a 53-minute drive (48.7 miles). With such a short distance and your child’s unlimited opportunities in many fields of study, your collective decisions for ECU and BLP can also be described in abbreviated initials. Those initials would be “A-1.”

What Makes the East Carolina University Experience Unique? It’s All in the Numbers!

Sure, it is fantastic that your new residence at Belmont Lake Preserve is so close to your child’s college. However, most importantly, is the education received and the opportunities post-graduation that your child will get as a result of attending ECU. Not to worry though, the accolades and honors heaped on ECU are plentiful and quite impressive. With some of the top publications and organizations in. the U.S. consistently praising East Carolina University, we will look at some of the accolades below.

First off, with such other highly accredited colleges in North Carolina, as UNC, Duke, and many other, any school that is the “only” in any area is a strong statement. Well, East Carolina University is just that. Consequently, the school is the only NC university with a dental school, medical school, and a college of engineering at the same institution. The lofty honors for ECU do not stop there, however.  

In 2019, ECU’s School of Dental Medicine was given the prestigious Gies Award for Vision, Innovation, and Achievement. This is handed out by the American Dental Education Association for giving future dentists a chance to learn breakthrough approaches to the field through practical learning experiences.

U.S. News and World Report Recognition of ECU

As we discuss in other posts about the colleges in NC, possibly the foremost authority on analyzing and recognizing them is U.S. News and World Report. Just in their most recent 2019 annual U.S. college analysis and rankings, the publication honors East Carolina University as being in the top 25 percent of schools nationwide in 9 sperate areas. Shown below in bullet points are each of these honors.

U.S. News and World Report Honors for East Carolina University

Two different demographics that the annual study listed ECU under was their “Top 15 Percent” and “Top 25 Percent” listings. This simply means that for the programs listed that U.S. News and World Report places ECU in these top percentiles nationally.

Top 15 Percent of U.S. Colleges 

  • Education- Best Online Graduate Programs 
  • Top Performers on Social Mobility

Top 25 Percent of U.S. Colleges

  • Physical Therapy- Best Graduate Programs
  • Rehabilitation Counseling- Best Graduate Programs
  • Primary Care- Best Medical Programs
  • Doctor of Nursing Programs- Best Nursing Schools
  • Master’s in Nursing- Best Online Programs
  • Education- Best Online Graduate Programs
  • Criminal Justice- Best Online Graduate Programs

A Start at East Carolina University Often Becomes a Life in North Carolina

While you made the over to be close to your child’s academic journey at ECU, four years can go fast. However, as you fall in love with Belmont Lake Preserve, Rocky Mount, and the state of NC during this time, do not fret! If history is any indicator, there is not only a strong graduation rate at ECU. But also a large number of graduates who join the work force in their field of study right in NC. Thus, upon receiving their degree about half of ECU graduates choose to stay right in North Carolina.

As a matter of fact, East Carolina University boasts a near 50 percent rate for those coming out of their Brody School of Medicine that stay and practice in NC. With very similar percentages in several top graduate programs, it seems your child made the right decision of school…and by default for you as well.

To read all things about Greenville’s East Carolina University, visit ecu.edu. If you want any information on the Belmont Lake Preserve new home community, visit our official site here.