By Land or By Water You Can’t Top Camping in North Carolina


To continue with our second of a two-part series on the amazing Camping in North Carolina options, we will bring you to a few different settings. Everybody has their own preferences, and as we discuss in the first post of this series, some are more experienced “in the wild,” than others. We understand this, and luckily for you since moving to your new home in Rocky Mount at Belmont Lake Preserve, you are in a fantastic, centralized location to explore some of the most beautiful outdoor areas anywhere across NC. So, whether you prefer a more primitive camping experience, or one slightly more pampered, “you’re never too far away.”

Now in our initial post, we finished off “in the mountains.” With the gorgeous scenery across the state, some of the most desired spots for Camping in North Carolina are at elevation, increasing the already incredible views and landscapes. Thus, we will continue with one more stop “in the hills,” before we bring you to another popular spot for Camping in North Carolina. This sought after spot is not specific other than being near water. Lastly, we will touch on a few iconic camping spots that can be enjoyed by the “roughest outdoorsman,” or the family looking to have a fun weekend alike.

A Little Bit of Everything When. Camping in North Carolina at Morrow Mountain

Morrow Mountain State Park, Albemarle

Let us head back into the mountains for the first of our Camping in North Carolina suggestions. To be precise let’s head to Albemarle and Morrow Mountain State Park. Now, at one point, the Uwharrie Mountains, of which this camping site is in, had elevations as high as 20,000 feet! Before you get scared off though, thanks to geologic aging, today the site is just over 1,000 feet. Now, we know that 1,000 feet are certainly nothing to scoff at. It certainly makes for some challenging hikes from your campsite at Morrow Mountain. Likewise, the elevation makes for incredible views. 

In addition to the great views and brisk hiking opportunities, Morrow Mountain features almost everything you’d want in a camping trip. Is there an avid fisherman among you? Got it covered. How about a “paddler,” that loves to canoe or kayak? Got that covered too. But maybe the most popular attraction and activity at this well-known spot for Camping in North Carolina is swimming in the Civilian Conservation Corps pool. This cement pond surrounded by an amazing forest has been an attraction for decades and will remain one for more.

Distance from Belmont Lake Preserve: 167.3 miles, 2 hours, 52 minutes

It’s All About the Water for Camping in North Carolina at These Sites

Camping goes hand in hand with many things. The outdoor activities we all grew up with and loved certainly play into the overall love and good feelings enjoyed on a family camping trip, or one with friends for that matter. On top of the added beauty to a sunset or sunrise that reflects off the water, just think back to that stuff we all loved. Fishing, swimming, canoeing, you name it, and they go hand in hand with an incredible and memorable camping experience. The next two spots for Camping in North Carolina are going to put you in a perfect spot to enjoy all these things and get as wet as you like.

Kerr Lake State Recreation Area, Henderson

Ok, if it’s water you want, then it’s water you will get. At Kerr Lake State Recreation Area, it is all about water. This great spot for Camping in North Carolina features five separate campgrounds on the 50,000-acre lake. All of the sites provide direct access to the lake and two of the five (Nutbush and Satterwhite Point) are even open year-round.

One of those “year-round” campgrounds, Satterwhite Point is the main swimming beach at Kerr Lake, however, there are plenty of fine swimming spots all along the lake’s shoreline. This may be the most ideal of any area for Camping In North Carolina for the fisherman though. Striped bass, largemouth bass, white perch, catfish, crappie, basically take the bass boat out and you have tons of chances once you cast out. While you can say this for many reasons, but also, if sailing is your thing, too, Kerr Lake is the spot to be

Distance from Belmont Lake Preserve: 56.1 miles, 1 hour, 11 minutes

New River State Park, Laurel Springs

Well, I guess it’s only fair if our first Camping in North Carolina destination with a focus on water is a lake, then the second would be a river Located in the northern mountains, New River State Park is a linear park that shadow one of the oldest rivers in NC. 

Amazing fishing remains a theme at our second Camping in North Carolina stop on the water. Prepare for the rainbow and brown trout that you will find in the river’s tributaries. Rockfish. muskellunge and shad are also catchable at points along the waterway. Even more than fishing at New River, the designation of this as a National Wild and Scenic Reiver has made canoeing and kayaking a very popular part of the camoing experience here.

Distance from Belmont Lake Preserve: 248 miles, 4 hours, 3 minutes

Carolina Beach State Park, Carolina Beach

We’ve been all over the place Camping in North Carolina. We have “headed to the mountains.” Likewise, we have “went to the water.” Heck, we’ve been pretty deep in the wilderness and forests looking back at our list. But now, let’s head to the beach. Carolina B\each State Park to be exact.

You may be thinking a state park at a beach is a unique camping destination. Well, you’re right, but, as we forewarned, when Camping in North Carolina you’re options are almost endless. At this site, you can hike a 60-foot dune that was once used in the Civil War as a lookout post. However, we do warn you to be careful as you pass through the terrain which is highly populated with the rarely seen “meat-eating” plant, the Venus flytrap. Oh yeah and don’t forget, you are at the beach! So camping or not, you are steps from the ocean, the sand, and all the things that make Carolina Beach so incredible.

Distance from Belmont Lake Preserve: 162,2 miles, 2 hours 43 minutes

Stone Mountain State Park, Roaring Gap

When we labeled the final two entries on our Camping in North Carolina list as “classics,” one afternoon of camping at Stone Mountain and you’ll know why. Everything that makes a great day in the outdoors is within reach when Camping in North Carolina at this site.

To start, let’s talk about over 18 miles of scenic trails perfect for hiking, biking, or just walking and looking. Would you rather “drop a line?” Well, you’re in the right place, at Stone Mountaimnyou can fish on 20 miles of designated trout streams. Climbing? Got you there too, with their 600 foot high, granite dome. What about horseback riding? Yep, that’s is going on here as well. Heck, you can even travel back in time when Camping in North Carolina at Stone Mountain. Well, not exactly, but the Hutchinson Homestead is on-site at the park and is a restored mid-1800’s farm that was abandoned long ago.

Distance from Belmont Lake Preserve:  223.3 miles, 3 hours, 29 minutes

Camping in North Carolina: Wherever You May Roam

This concludes our two-part series on Camping in North Carolina. Honestly, we listed a total of nine spots, giving you a look at NC camping near the mountains, water, beaches, and more. It goes without saying there are literally hundreds more camping spots across the state that provide that peace and access to the outdoors that makes camping so fun and so special. However, with these all ranging in reasonable driving distance from your new home at BLP, these are surely ones we feel would not disappoint.

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