Make The Best State Parks in NC Your Summer Getaway


Maybe you realized it and had forgotten. Possibly it had just been a long time. Any way you slice it, you’ve come to realize the fantastic location you are at. You realize at your new home in Rocky Mount the close proximity tho all things NC that  Belmont Lake Preserve puts you in. Included among those things are the Best State Parks in NC, which can help rediscover the peacefulness of all their beauty.

Well, whether it was a discovery or re-discovery does not really matter. The fact is, you are in a great location at Belmont Lake Preserve and that you are surrounded across the state by fantastic outdoor summer fun options. Following our first five Best State Parks in NC that we cover in the initial post, here we will bring you the next five. Again, these were not listed in any particular order, and all can deliver on that much needed and deserved peace of mind you get from a beautiful summer sunset.

The Best State Parks in NC: You Ain’t “Scene” Nothing Yet!

See what we did there. Well, it is all about natural beauty and scenery when you talk about the Best State parks in NC. Thus, without further ado, let’s get back into our sixth through tenth suggestions on our list. We think you’ll enjoy them all.

Lake Norman State Park

Here is one for those who truly love cycling. This slice of heaven and it’s over 30-miles of gorgeous biking trails make any Best State Parks in NC listing for those on two wheels, no doubt. In addition, the park is 32,510-acres of natural amazement, with some of the most beautiful lakeside views anywhere in the entire state.

Stone Mountain State Park

Our next entree to the Best State Parks in NC makes the list in part for its uniqueness. This picturesque attraction is 600 feet above the valley floor and offers some of the “best of separate worlds” to its visitors. That being said, at Stone Mountain, you can visit the 19th century Homestead, just as easily as you could cool off near the waterfall or dip your feet in the river.

Pilot Mountain State Park

This is truly one of the special entrants among our Best State Parks in NC. Although sometimes the term “classic” or “throwback” doesn’t fit, it seems a perfect description for Pilot Mountain State Park. Just outside of the piedmont, this spot is one of the final remaining remnants of the near-defunct Suaratown mountains. No matter if you like hiking, climbing, or just incredible views.

William B. Umstead Park

I must say that we have a very diverse list for this our second out of three posts covering the Best State Parks in NC. Each of the entrants listed has its own distinct beauty and William B. Umstead State Park in Raleigh is no different. With 5,000 breathtaking acres to explore, you can discover trails, lakes, and overlooks throughout this beautiful stretch of land. Canoeing and kayaking are both extremely popular at this destination as well.

Hammocks Beach State Park

Lets stick to our theme of diversity. Here is a stop that you can enjoy on the mainland or the islands. Yep, that’s right, during warmer months there is an actual ferry that you can take at Hammocks Beach State Park. This brings you to the beach, salt marshes, tidal creeks, and maritime forest. It seems that each of these five parks have had one favorite activity somewhat unique to t, and Hammocks is no different. People love camping on the beach here, and why wouldn’t they, the place is incredible.

Two-Thirds Through our Best State Parks in NC With a Little History Left to See

Those five spectacular suggestions as Best State Parks in NC give us a total of ten. That leaves us with just five to be featured in our upcoming post. Likewise, you will be within reasonable distance of all of these great spots. They will be awaiting your arrival.

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