The Best NC Biking Trails Give an “Illusion,” Go Past the Greens, and Recall Our History


Moving to the next three paths on our journey along the Best NC Biking Trails. Here in the second of a three-post series, we have some unique stops across the state. We will bring you on two-wheels past one of the state’s most famous spots to golf. Another on the list below will make you rub your eyes in disbelief. The other of our three trails brings you by one of the most historic war sites in state history. However, the true “battle” for you as a true cycling fanatic is deciding which of these incredible rides to take on first!

Now, we realize, that while some of these are just a zip in the car down the road and an easy unload to start riding. Others may be a bit farther from your new home in Rocky Mount and BLP, no question. But as we will stress in the posts before and after this one, make plans when you have the time. You will truly enjoy these spectacular “two-wheel” treks, that we are sure of.

Golf Country Tour, Pinehurst, and Sandhills

We finally move along in our look at the Best NC Biking Trails and our next stop is in a place much more known for driving…a golf ball, that is, than cycling. But the Sandhills area with towering pine trees, spectacular homes, spacious horse farms, and over 40 golf courses, serves as a beautiful backdrop for a great ride, too.

Starting the ride in Southern Pines lets you see the small-town charm before hitting Midland Road toward Pinehurst. This trail was once a train spur and its impeccably graded surface makes for a real smooth ride. A stop off for some more small-town charm in Pinehurst is suggested, as there aren’t many places more charming nation-wide.

Duke Forest, Raleigh, Durham, Triangle Area

The next of our Best NC Biking Trails begins at one of the most historic spots of the Civil War, Bennett Place. Duke Forest also puts you on 30-miles of biking path in the Raleigh/Durham area of NC known as the Triangle area.

In addition to that 30-miles of road, there is also a gorgeous 3.5-mile stretch that bends and twists through the woods at the incredible Duke University Golf Course. As we suggested above, a stop-off point that is very bike-friendly is the beautiful Duke University campus, which is definitely worth a peek.

Linn Cove Viaduct, High Country

Ok, so now we move along to the Linn Cove Viaduct and a true “sight to see” among our Best NC Biking Trails. Now, this is part of the Blue Ridge Parkway, so we immediately know the natural surroundings are amazing along this trail. But this portion of the Parkway, has a bit of an illusion to it. As you snake your way down and around the mountainsides here at spots it appears the parkway magically floats above Linn Cove.

Now, before getting ahead of ourselves, let’s start our route at Julian Price Memorial Park. This is a gradual 7-mile ascent where you can see the spectacular peaks of Grandfather Mountain off in the distance. Sure, this is a challenging incline, but lesser experienced riders, need not worry, there are plenty of overlooks along the way up. Oh yeah, and last but not least, when you actually cross the viaduct itself, many claims you feel the sensation of riding on air. 

Any of the Best NC Biking Trails Make the Best Memories

You may be a rider are one who likes the casual ride and the great natural backdrops. On the contrary, you may like to get dirty and take your riding a bit more towards the extreme. But no matter which is your preference, one thing you can count on is at any of these Best NC Biking Trails listed, you can truly find yourself at one with nature here in the Tar Heel State.

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