Cast Away and Relax: Spots for the Best Fishing in North Carolina

At Belmont Lake Preserve, you get some of the most scenic and beautiful surroundings anywhere in the state. By moving into your new home in Rocky Mount, the local parks and green spaces are truly something to behold. But for the outdoorsman who avidly likes to fish, you also are in a prime location to set up day or weekend fishing trips at the finest spots to “drop a line” across NC. In this post, we will look at the Best Fishing in North Carolina and where exactly you can find it.

To come up with an accurate and definitive list of the spots for Best Fishing in North Carolina, we turn to the experts. Actually, they refer to themselves as the “authority resource for everything to do with the Great Outdoors.” Of course, I speak of the website Wilderness Today and their hands-on, experienced staff of authorities on all things fishing and otherwise in nature.

The Best Fishing in North Carolina: The Top Five Locations!

1) Lake Fontana

According to Wilderness Today, Lake Fontana is the number one destination for the Best Fishing in North Carolina. They immediately note that this destination is best for bass fishing, but there also are trout to be caught in some of the many streams that feed into the lake. 

Lake Fontana features a water surface of 10,230 acres with countless different branches and streams. Couple this with the 400 yards of shoreline, and you have a fishing experience that awaits you your pole, and a peaceful, serene, time on the water.

2) Jordan Lake

The second choice from Wilderness Today for the Best Fishing in North Carolina, is Jordan Lake. This 13,940-acre reservoir is in the New Hope Valley, just to the west of Raleigh. Nate Drescher, columnist, and blogger at Wilderness Today describes this spot as follows. ” It is a popular destination for those who want to get out of town for some quality fishing time.”

Lake Jordan does have areas of Shoreline that are not easy to access. However, there is 180 miles of uninterrupted shoreline on the lake also. There are many campgrounds, local shops, and restaurants, etc. in this area too, making the destination one that could call for a weekend trip. Whether you are trying to hook large or smallmouth bass, yellow perch, Channel catfish, or more, Jordan Lake for sure has some of the Best Fishing in North Carolina. 

3) Lake Norman 

Another popular spot to fish for bass is next among our Best Fishing in North Carolina list. Likewise, at Lake Norman, you can also find some big catfish and white perch, too. Lake Norman can get crowded, as it is a very popular fishing spot. However, with 500 miles of shoreline around this 32,000-acre lake, you can surely. find a more private spot if you prefer.

This lakes’ access to a wide array of catfish certainly adds to its popularity. However, it must be noted that you do need a license to catch fish at Lake Norman. But they do not have seasonal restrictions on bass, so you can catch them at this stop for the Best Fishing in North Carolina year-round.

4) Lake James

Next, we take a look at the 6,800 -acre, cold water lake that’s fourth on our Best Fishing in North Carolina, Lake James. Boasting depths of up to 1220 feet below surface, this entry for Best Fishing in North Carolina. This is noted as being an especially popular spot in the summertime.

The Wilderness Today blogger, Drescher explained the following about Lake James. ” For those of us who want something beyond the typical bass fishing experience. There is the thrill of chasing Northern pike or tiger muskies on this beloved NC lake.” That being said, add in some amazing scenery and the crystal-clear water here, and this is a stop you don’t want to miss.

5) Lake Chatuge

The final of our five Best Fishing in North Carolina entries is Lake Chatuge. Situated in the spectacular Blue Ridge Smoky Mountains, anglers have over 7,000 acres of water surface at this destination during the summer. All types of bass are the most common fish caught here. These include spotted, white, largemouth, and hybrid bass.

Lake Chatuge sits right near the North Carolina and Georgia border. Thus, you can use a fishing license from either of the two states when “casting out” at Lake Chatuge.

The Best Fishing in North Carolina: You’re Never too Far Away

Any of the five above Best Fishing in North Carolina destinations will be an easy “getaway” spot to plan from your new home at Belmont Lake Preserve. Some may be a bit farther than others, but all are worth planning a trip to for some incredible fishing.

To see more of the Best Fishing in North Carolina destinations ranked by Wilderness Today, click here. Likewise, for any information, you may need on BLP, visit