8 Tips for Transforming Your Bed into a Sleep Oasis for a Good Nights Sleep

Getting a Good Nights Sleep every night is essential for your physical and mental health. Having a bed that’s both comfortable and visually appealing can make you look forward to slipping into dreamland every night and achieving that Good Nights Sleep. Try these helpful tips to create the perfect sleep oasis for your nightly slumber.

Make it easy on the eyes

With so many colorful bedding choices, you may be tempted to create a bold palette for your bed. However, mixing too many patterns and colors can feel too energetic and make it difficult for you to get a Good Nights Sleep. To create a sleep oasis, stick to a neutral or solid-colored bedspread or quilt and add touches of color with a throw, accent pillows, shams or a bed scarf. Avoid mixing colors; instead, experiment with patterns and textures in the same color theme to create a unique bed that you’re eager to climb into.

Select the right sheets

Deciding between thread count choices can seem overwhelming, but higher thread counts aren’t always best. Instead, pay attention to whether sheets are single-ply or double-ply. A single-ply sheet with a thread count of 250 is softer and more durable than a 400-count double-ply sheet. Sheets made with single-ply threads last longer than those made with double-ply threads, and therefore are a better investment in bedding, bringing you one step closer to that elusive Good Nights Sleep.

Choose pillows wisely

When shopping for pillows, look for styles that work best for your favorite sleep position. If you find that your chosen pillow is inhibiting your ability to fall asleep and sleep comfortably, keep looking until you find one that feels right. In some cases, you may need to combine different types of pillows, such as layering a memory foam pillow on top of a wedge pillow to provide proper head and neck support.

Soften the headboard

While a bed doesn’t necessarily require a headboard, having a padded one provides a great place to prop your pillows as you read in bed. An upholstered headboard also eliminates the risk of adults or children banging their head painfully if they lean back too quickly. To ensure the durability of the padded headboard, choose or create one made from outdoor or commercial-grade fabrics. Apply a stain guard to keep the headboard looking its best.

Use seasonal bedding

Have more than one style of bedding in your closet so you can change your bed to match the seasons or your mood. The heavier bedspreads and quilts that keep you warm in winter can be smothering in the warmer weather. For warmer weather, choose bedding of lighter materials such as cotton or linen. By keeping your main bedding neutral, you can add seasonal accents with pillows, shams, or throws. Adjust the color theme to please your mood. Beach-themed bedding can combat the dreariness of cold, snowy days. Patchwork quilt-style bedding can complement the beautiful scenes outside your window during warm weather.

Skip the layers

While layers of duvets and decorative pillows may have visual appeal, they’re not practical for sleeping. Skip the heavy layers that end up draped over the bed frame or piled on the floor and opt instead for a cotton quilt or lightweight bedspread. The lighter bedding makes the bed feel roomier and more breathable. If you’re someone who gets cold at night, consider adding a thin fleece blanket or electric blanket that provide warmth without thick layers of bedding.

Choose comfortable materials

Egyptian cotton is one of the best materials for bedding, but it can be delicate. For comfortable, durable bedding, choose upland or Pima cotton. When considering the type of weave for your bedding, sateen is warm and silky while percale is cool and smooth. Linen fabric is cooler on warm nights than other materials and softens with washing. Linen materials can give an inviting, lived-in look and feel to your bedding.

Ban the gadgets

Even the most comfortable bed can’t help you sleep better if you litter it with smartphones, tablets, laptops, or other gadgets that you use until the wee hours. To promote better sleep in your bedroom oasis, keep technology out of reach at a separate table or desk.

Transforming an ordinary bed into a sleep oasis can take some time as you experiment with fabrics and colors that suit your comfort and aesthetic desires. Nevertheless, a great night’s sleep and waking up feeling refreshed are well worth the effort.