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When the dampness of Spring finally subsides and fully gives way to the heat and sunshine of Summer there is plenty to enjoy outdoors across North Carolina. Since you’ve settled into your new home in Rocky Mount at Belmont Lake Preserve, we have continuously reminded you of your prime location in regard to all points of NC. Well, we want to remind you of that once again as we head toward the Summer. We want to remind you that you are in a prime location to visit the Best NC State Parks.

Sure, we know you have seen the spectacular green spaces and the amazing outdoor attractions and beauty at Belmont Lake Preserve and the local surrounding area. But given that at Belmont lake Preserve, you are “never too far from there,” we have done the hard work of selecting the Best NC State Parks and narrowed it to a three-part blog post series, down from literally hundreds of beautiful parks.

The Best State Parks in NC: The First Five, Seeing is Believing

Gorgeous. Amazing. Breathtaking. These are all words used in describing outdoor beauty and parks not just in NC, but anywhere. However, sometimes these words can be used very loosely. Well, not here. Not in North Carolina, and not when we talk about State Parks. In this the first of our three-part series on the Best NC State Parks, we could have chosen what seems to be hundreds of places that would fit the headline. Thus, you can only imagine the true beauty of not just the five featured here, but all 15 of our parks we will discuss in these three posts.

Mount Mitchell State Park

Many call Mount Mitchell State Park the “crown jewel” of North Carolina’s amazing mountain range. Our first entrant of Best NC State Parks stands at 6,684 feet above sea level. This is the highest point anywhere east of the Mississippi River. The views and scenery are so awe-inspiring at this spot that it is said when clear it is possible to see up to 100 miles out. In addition to the killer views, also give Mount Mitchell points for being the very first state park established in North Carolina.

Jockey’s Ridge State Park

A unique but welcome trait of the scenic beauty in North Carolina is surely its diversity in the gorgeous types of landscapes that can be seen. The perfect example of this among our Best NC State Parks is Jockey’s Ridge. This beauty sits at the end of the mountains-to-sea-trail. It is the tallest living sand dune on the entire Atlantic Coast. This is an adventure lover’s paradise.

Eli Knob State Park

This entry among our Best NC State Parks gives you an up-close and personal look at some of NC’s rare plant life. Likewise, breath deep and soak in the scenery on the unexplored hiking trails. Wintertime is just fine for Eli Knob state park too, as many love the area for snowshoeing and cross country skiing.

Hanging Rock State Park

Hanging Rock State Park is a perfect day trip among our Best NC State Parks. Located at an awesome 2,580 feet, this state park has it all. Five waterfalls, a mountain, a lake, and gorgeous rock outcroppings. Looks like in planning that day trip, you should plan to enjoy filling up the whole day.

Chimney Rock State Park

Another easy addition to the Best NC State Parks is our fifth and final entry of this post. Chimney Rock is the definition of spectacular. Featuring a 404-foot waterfall, rock climbing, hiking, and the legendary boulder, this is a truly breathtaking 5,700 acres of state park heaven.

More of the Best NC State Parks to Come

In the next post, our second in a three-part series on the Best NC State Parks, we will suggest five more beautiful outdoor spots for you to check out at some point this summer or whenever you have the time.

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Outdoor excursions. Family-friendly fun spots, statewide. Places to get just about every type of delicious food you can imagine. What do these things have in common? They are all just a few of the things that you have discovered across North Carolina since opting to move to your new home in Rocky Mount at Belmont Lake Preserve. So, with all the great activities to choose from, what could possibly be left to explore in NC? Well, for the animal lover in your home, we have just the thing. A short trip from BLP awaits some of the most unique and once-in-a-lifetime- NC Animal Encounters that you may never even have thought possible.

Below, we have listed and briefly described several destinations across the state that you can enjoy some amazing NC Animal Encounters. Each of those listed is less than a two and a half-hour car ride from Belmont lake Preserve, with our closest stop being less than 30 miles away.

Amazing NC Animal Encounters Under Two and Half Hours from BLP

(Distances given between each site and Belmont Lake Preserve are estimates from Google Maps.)

Sylvan Heights Bird Park, Scotland Neck

Anyone for some bird watching? We don’t just mean your average winged fried flying by either, as the closest of our NC Animal Encounters is just over a half-hour away from Belmont lake Preserve. See the largest collection of waterfowl species in the entire world in addition to flamingos and just about any exotic bird you can imagine.

Distance from Belmont Lake Preserve: 37 minutes (27.8 miles)

North Carolina Estuarium, Washington

The next area for more amazing NC Animal Encounters is only a little bit over an hour from your new home in Rocky Mount. This is the world’s first estuarium and still to the day, the only one that focuses on both salt and freshwater species. 

Distance from Belmont Lake Preserve: 1 hour 14 minutes (64.7 miles)

Duke’s Lemur Center, Durham

Do we have a Lemur fan under your roof at Belmont Lake Preserve? No? Well, it would have come as less surprising I guess if you had a fan then it is that North Carolina has an entire sanctuary devoted to them. Regardless, these lovable, furry primates await for another of our NC Animal Encounters at Duke University in Durham

Distance from Belmont Lake Preserve: 1 hour 26 minutes (89.2 miles)

Aloha Safari Zoo, Cameron

This is another exotic animal sanctuary that’s under two hours from your doorstep at BLP. As far as our unique NC Animal Encounters go, at Aloha Safari Zoo in Cameron the experiences are just that…unique. Ever want to feed a giraffe? How about nursing a newborn big cat or some type? Well, here is your chance.

Distance from Belmont Lake Preserve: 1 hour 47 minutes (115.2 miles)

All-A-Flutter Farms Butterfly Farm, High Point

Now, technically, I am not positive that this counts as one of our NC Animal Encounters. However, we love butterflies, and you know that you do too…so close enough. Come see the entire life cycle of the monarch butterfly at this NC farm that raises them before letting them fly free with millions of other Monarchs on route to Mexico each year.

Distance from Belmont Lake Preserve: 2 hours 21 minutes (147.4 miles)

North Carolina Zoo, Asheboro

Our final spot for NC Animal Encounters may be the furthest estimated time from your new home in Rocky Mount. However at just over 140 miles, your trip to the North Carolina Zoo puts you at the largest zoo in the entire world. The NC Zoo is known for its spectacular natural habitats for each species and animal. Also a impressive is how each animal’s country is represented and awaiting you to begin to explore.

Distance from Belmont Lake Preserve: 2 hours 24 minutes (140.7 miles)

All Ages Fun Goes Hand in Hand with These NC Animal Encounters

Whether the youngest child in the home or bringing the visiting grandparents, the incredible experiences at the NC Animal Encounters above are truly thrilling for all ages. The fact that all of these are well with in distance of a simple day trip makes these one of a kind moments, well, able to be enjoyed more than once! 

Regardless of how many times you visit any of the above animal destinations, there are so many features at each, you could really never get enough. For more details on the Belmont Lake Preserve new home community, visit belmontlakepreserve.com.


Now, we all know that there are plenty of amazing and incredible restaurants close to your new home in Rocky Mount at Belmont Lake Preserve. It seems almost every city or town across NC boasts great places for a variety of types of food. Well, seeing that we are into the warmer months, in this post, we will give suggestions on places to “eat in the heat.” Thus, below, we will give five great choices for Rocky Mount Summer Restaurants. 

In describing a Rocky Mount Summer Restaurant I’d assume that one of the main factors would be that there is outdoor dining. That being said, you still have several choices, but we feel those listed below are five that you can’t go wrong with here in Rocky Mount.

Rocky Mount Summer Restaurants: A Prime Choice Always

Well, for our first stop among Rocky Mount Summer Restaurants, you will find yourself dining outdoors at a restaurant that seems to find its way on every “best of” list in Rocky Mount. This one is no different, ass whether you go BBQ, steak, or somewhere in between, you just can’t go wrong.

The Prime Smokehouse, 207 East Thomas Street, Rocky Mount

Pulled pork. Crab cakes. Smoked wings or ribs. The lip-smacking BBQ from Prime Smokehouse is certainly no secret. Featuring one of the area’s most extensive and unique menus, as well as equally as creative a drink menu, kind makes this a “can’t miss” for the summer. Add in a nice view and great outdoor eating atmosphere and you find why this is the first establishment mentioned in our Rocky Mount Summer Restaurants.

The Specialties are Hot as the Season at Rocky Mount Summer Restaurants

For our next three Rocky Mount Summer Restaurants, we not only looked at user reviews, but we also noticed a pattern. That being each of these, as different as they may be, has a certain specialty that sets the establishment apart from the norm. No, not that the food is so unique, it’s just that in each individual case their specialty is one that’s worth coming for and coming back for. 

The Thirsty Bull, 3665 Sunset Avenue, Rocky Mount

With unbelievable chops and thick-cut steaks, you’d think just by name that would be the place that the Thirsty Bull would excel. You would not be mistaken, however, that’s not the whole of this sum. This “bull” is equally known for its fresh and delicious seafood offerings as well. A welcoming and fun outdoor patio diner environment with what many feels are the best oysters, crab cakes, steaks, and chops in town? Yeah, sounds like a spot among Rocky Mount Summer Restaurants worth giving a chance!

TBC West Tacos and Taproom, 1121 Falls Road, Rocky Mount

Fresh food and flavorful craft beers are two of the tell-tale signs of success at our next stop among the best Rocky Mount Summer Restaurants. Again, as we think you can agree, in each of these entries you can imagine sitting and enjoying on a sun-soaked evening and indulging in cold craft beers and your choice of fresh style tacos. Smoked chicken, short rib, shrimp, beef, and even grilled cauliflower tacos are all at your call. Likewise, the finest area craft brews are ever-changing at TBC West. With tons of outdoor seating, this place might scream tacos…but it is also hollering summer.

Blanche’s Bistro, 116 Tarboro Street, Rocky Mount

Doesn’t the name “bistro” just scream ” a relaxing, outdoor, summer place?” Well, maybe not all bistro’s, but we might just be have a bias from the amazing next entry of our Rocky Mount Summer Restaurants, Blanche’s Bistro. Sandwiches, salads, and so much more, make Blanche’s Bistro a refreshing stop no question. Also offering wraps and so many fresh options that include soups and bisques daily. A craft brew or a delicious, iced tea or lemonade seems to be perfect no matter the selection to keep cool at this great summertime stop.

Last Among Rocky Mount Summer Restaurants is A Classic Year-Round

Ok, so user reviews are user reviews and sometimes an all-time favorite simply needs some outdoor seating that mirrors its good home atmosphere to make it a “summer” favorite. So, for our final suggestion of Rocky Mount Summer Restaurants, much like the rest of them come to think of it, is actually delightful year-round.

Oak Level Cafe, 2506 Oak Level Road, Rocky Mount

Well, as any local can tell you the food at Oak Level Cafe is certainly “just like you remember from home.” Thus, putting the patio seating out, it becomes a Rocky Mount Summer Restaurants’ favorite. Whether you love their meatloaf, pork chops, or the fried or BBQ variety chicken. No matter which of the scrumptious sides you love at Oak Level. We have to agree that whether, summer, spring, winter, or fall, all of these Rocky Mount establishments are worth a regular visit.

Rocky Mount Summer Restaurants are Just Another Wonderful Part of the Season

With the outdoor activities and amenities both city-wide and at your new home community, Belmont Lake Preserve, the summer is a special time in Rocky Mount, NC. These great restaurants complement the other community-based activities and add to the great local spirit shared between local residents.

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We all learned the hard way in the Summer of 2020 that even the more superficial things we grew to enjoy and maybe take for granted were things that, when unavailable, we deeply missed. These were seldom more evident than when the warmer months arrived, and our favorite outdoor activities were no longer available. Whether you have just moved into your new home in Rocky Mount at Belmont Lake Preserve or you have called your residence at BLP home for years, one such favorite outdoor activity in the surrounding community is the Nash County Farmers Market.

Nash County Farmers Market: Summer Tradition for 16 Years

The Nash County Farmers Market has been a staple of the Rocky Mount summers since its inception in 2005. It is located in the beautiful Rocky Mount Mills Historic District. The initial purpose was to provide the area farmers a facility to sell their products. Likewise, it gives the area residents access to the freshest produce, meats, and foods, and other crafts and products made locally. In addition, it provides the residents a great way to give back to the community and encourages the farmers to increase their production. 

Upon re-opening, the Nash County Farmers Market is open from April through December on Saturdays from 8:00 a.m. through 1:00 p.m. During the Summer Months of June, July, and August, the market is also open on Tuesday afternoons between the hours of 3:00-6:00 p.m. The Nash County Farmers Market’s slogan is “Shop Local, Shop Healthy, Shop Fresh,” and if you have ever experienced it, you would 100 percent agree with that phrasing. 

Local, Healthy, Fresh, and More

Currently, while more vendors can apply for space from week to week, and thus the number could change, there are seventeen Rocky Mount area vendors on-site weekly at Nash County Farmers Market. This listing could vary, but as of the week of June 5, the freshest products around are available from the following with their items listed:

  • 3 Stars Kettle Corn– Kettle Corn (Sweet and Salty), Cheddar Cheese, Caramel and Caramel Apples, Fried Pork skins, and Flour Chips
  • Big B’s Farmstead– Eggs and a variety of seasonal produce depending on the week
  • Carolina Grits Company– Grits and Cornmeal
  • Caveman Charcoal– A variety of woods processed into charcoal to be used in smoking and grilling food
  • Conetoe Family Life Center- Full variety of seasonal produce (varies weekly)
  • Farm 1837- Pound cakes and baked goods
  • Grandma G’s Soap- Soap and lotions
  • HS Howell Farms- Produce boxes, a full variety of seasonal produce (varies weekly) 
  • J&K Veggies- Full Variety of Seasonal Produce (varies weekly)
  • Magie’s Baked Goods- Bread and Baked Goods
  • Nowell Family Farm – Beef
  • OMGoodness Pimento Cheese- Original and Jalapeno Pimento Cheese
  • Ooh La La Skin Care- Body Butter, Sugar Scrubs, Soaps, Lip Balms, and Bath Bombs 
  • Rob’s Fresh Produce- Full Variety of seasonal produce. (Varies weekly)
  • Tar River Microfarm- Pottery and Microgreens
  • Tri-O-Farms- Pork and Eggs
  • Twin Oak Farms- Eggs, Bug Repellent, Soap, Shampoo, Lotion, Lip Balm, and Skin Care Products
  • Washington Crab and Seafood- Fresh Seafood

The Freshness and Healthiest is Minutes from BLP

The Nash County Farmers Market takes place at 1006 Peachtree Street in Rocky Mount. As we noted above, for the summer months, it is open Sat. from 8 a.m.- 1 p.m. and Tue. from 3 p.m.- 6 p.m. It is a short ten-minute drive (6.8 miles) from your new home in Rocky Mount at Belmont Lake Preserve. As they always say, at Belmont Lake Preserve, you’re never too far from there, and in this case, you are never too far from shopping local, healthy, and fresh while supporting your local community.

For more information on the Belmont Lake Preserve new home community, visit belmontlakepreserve.com.


So far in our series on Cycling Trails in NC, we went through some of the most scenic and rides anywhere in the state. No cyclist would argue that they make for a fantastic ride. Some enthusiasts though prefer a bit more of a challenge and maybe a little more nature in their rides.

Well, these are for those who are a bit more “extreme” about their riding. There are plenty of challenging Cycling Trails in NC. In actuality, there are so that its tough narrowing the choices down. However, on the trails below, you can “take it to the next level.”

Don’t Let Your Eyes Play Tricks on these Cycling Trails in NC

Now, our headline here is an obvious play on words. To explain, it is actually coincidental and does not have a lot to do with the riding portion of our first trail. That being said, due to the amazing natural surroundings of this ride, you may be rubbing your eyeballs briefly. But at least you will be enjoying the ride!

Hanging Rock, Greensboro and Winston Salem

Well, in “stepping up the game” and taking on some more challenging Cycling Trails in NC, we start at Hanging Rock. Officially, North Carolina Route 8 and 89 is this curvy and scenic ride. As you move South toward Danbury, things get interesting as the trail climbs and twists along and up the hill. There is a gorgeous view at this point of the ride but be careful of those sharp curves that come out of nowhere.    

As for the “eye rubbing” we allude to above, that comes as you reach Sizemore Road and have an incredible view of Hanging Rock to your direct right. You truly will have to look twice and at the same time, you’ll realize why it’s called “Hanging Rock,” as the huge masses appear to just be hanging off the mountainside.

Back to Earth…or at least the Ground with Cycling Trails in NC

All right, no more tricks or illusions! Just moving on to some hardcore riding and our next two amazing Cycling Trails in NC.

Cashiers Tour, Smoky Mountains and Cherokee

The next on our Cycling Trails of NC list is one that will no question leave those thighs burning. While the trail is only 10 miles, Cashiers is perched on a plateau that is surrounded by Nantahala National Forest. Thus the views and accompanying scenery is absolutely breathtaking.

Jump on this entry among our Cycling Trails in NC on U.S 64 at Cashier’s Commons. Next, turn right on to North Carolina 107. Now let the hairpin turns and heart-thumping inclines take over. A great trail for mountain bike enthusiasts for sure.

Tsali Trails, Smoky Mountains and Cherokee

In the Tsali Trails of Nantahala National Forest is where we start or next grueling but rewarding trek on our Cycling Trails of NC. Get ready for more than 40 miles of heart-pounding hilly trails, broken up into several loops each that vary in degree of difficulty. 

Right Loop, which is more difficult a ride gives you much “hilly” ride with a few creek crossings and access to the Windy Gap Overlook. The moderate Thompson Loop, still gives you a hilly ride. but far less

This concludes our three post series on Cycling Trails in NC. Much like all the previous outdoor activities we detail, these are just another way to enjoy the beauty of North Carolina. Above all, the majestic natural setting at all these trails are perfect for a nice ride.

To read more about the Belmont Lake Preserve new home community in Rocky Mount, visit belmontlakepreserve.com.


Moving to the next three paths on our journey along the Best NC Biking Trails. Here in the second of a three-post series, we have some unique stops across the state. We will bring you on two-wheels past one of the state’s most famous spots to golf. Another on the list below will make you rub your eyes in disbelief. The other of our three trails brings you by one of the most historic war sites in state history. However, the true “battle” for you as a true cycling fanatic is deciding which of these incredible rides to take on first!

Now, we realize, that while some of these are just a zip in the car down the road and an easy unload to start riding. Others may be a bit farther from your new home in Rocky Mount and BLP, no question. But as we will stress in the posts before and after this one, make plans when you have the time. You will truly enjoy these spectacular “two-wheel” treks, that we are sure of.

Golf Country Tour, Pinehurst, and Sandhills

We finally move along in our look at the Best NC Biking Trails and our next stop is in a place much more known for driving…a golf ball, that is, than cycling. But the Sandhills area with towering pine trees, spectacular homes, spacious horse farms, and over 40 golf courses, serves as a beautiful backdrop for a great ride, too.

Starting the ride in Southern Pines lets you see the small-town charm before hitting Midland Road toward Pinehurst. This trail was once a train spur and its impeccably graded surface makes for a real smooth ride. A stop off for some more small-town charm in Pinehurst is suggested, as there aren’t many places more charming nation-wide.

Duke Forest, Raleigh, Durham, Triangle Area

The next of our Best NC Biking Trails begins at one of the most historic spots of the Civil War, Bennett Place. Duke Forest also puts you on 30-miles of biking path in the Raleigh/Durham area of NC known as the Triangle area.

In addition to that 30-miles of road, there is also a gorgeous 3.5-mile stretch that bends and twists through the woods at the incredible Duke University Golf Course. As we suggested above, a stop-off point that is very bike-friendly is the beautiful Duke University campus, which is definitely worth a peek.

Linn Cove Viaduct, High Country

Ok, so now we move along to the Linn Cove Viaduct and a true “sight to see” among our Best NC Biking Trails. Now, this is part of the Blue Ridge Parkway, so we immediately know the natural surroundings are amazing along this trail. But this portion of the Parkway, has a bit of an illusion to it. As you snake your way down and around the mountainsides here at spots it appears the parkway magically floats above Linn Cove.

Now, before getting ahead of ourselves, let’s start our route at Julian Price Memorial Park. This is a gradual 7-mile ascent where you can see the spectacular peaks of Grandfather Mountain off in the distance. Sure, this is a challenging incline, but lesser experienced riders, need not worry, there are plenty of overlooks along the way up. Oh yeah, and last but not least, when you actually cross the viaduct itself, many claims you feel the sensation of riding on air. 

Any of the Best NC Biking Trails Make the Best Memories

You may be a rider are one who likes the casual ride and the great natural backdrops. On the contrary, you may like to get dirty and take your riding a bit more towards the extreme. But no matter which is your preference, one thing you can count on is at any of these Best NC Biking Trails listed, you can truly find yourself at one with nature here in the Tar Heel State.

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You have become familiar with the local area since moving into your new home in Rocky Mount at Belmont Lake Preserve. We have detailed the many outdoor activities locally and l across the state. We’ve discussed camping, mountains, hiking trails, parks, and more. So, given the great location at BLP putting you “never too far from there,” this post begins a three-post series. It is the perfect guide for those who “like to ride.” Below is our listing of the Best North Carolina Bike Trails.

As is with basically all the great outdoor activities and options in NC, when we talk North Carolina Bike Trails, we have many options. Just as we mentioned with camping, biking has many levels of interested partakers. With differing skill and experience levels as well as some of the “riskier” or “hardcore cyclists, obviously are looking for different trails than a family of four. But, not to fret, there are North Carolina Bike Trail options that range from flat, easier rides along the spectacular, scenic coastline. Consequently, there are also rugged and steep climbs along the mountain trails. Any way you prefer and choose, your perfect trail awaits.

Enjoy the Scenery and a Smooth Ride Along the North Carolina Bike Trails

To begin our series on North Carolina Bike Trails, we will cover five paths that are smoother than most. These allow for a leisurely ride alongside some of the most stunning, natural backdrops that you could find anywhere. Easy enough a ride on most of these trails that anyone could enjoy. Yet, still challenging and beautiful enough, that even the most experienced cyclist would appreciate.

New River Route, High Country

We begin our top North Carolina Bike Trails with a rare combination making up this path. What we have is a flat bike trail that is located in the mountains. As unlikely as that sounds, this smooth ride is along the southern fork of the New River in Ashe County. 

Following along Railroad Grade Road, of all, our North Carolina Bike Trails this is the most level and easiest to ride. But don’t let that deter you. This trail goes past some amazing scenery including but not limited to the river, lush pastoral settings, and miles of gorgeous greenery.

Hatteras Island, Outer Banks and Currituck

Well, just as we mention covering almost anything outdoors in NC, we likewise at some point in that coverage suggest a stop at the Outer Banks. This trend continues with our next two North Carolina Bike Trails. To start, we ride the stunning 25-mile coastal trail that is parallel with NC Highway 12. If you are unsure, yes, it is that one and only major road on all of Hatteras Island. 

This quiet ride barely even passes by a single home or billboard. It’s just you, the trail, and on either side, the ocean and the Pamlico Sound. Finally, when you reach the end of this ride, you reach the only high rise on the island, Cape Hatteras Lighthouse. A truly spectacular ride.

Duck to Sanderling Resort, Outer Banks and Currituck

Ok, now any of these trails we discuss is going to have a tough time following the one we just discussed. Consequently, for our second ride, we continue to run parallel to NC Highway 12, as we are now in the Northern Outer Banks though.

Not as long as our first trail, along this route, you will see the awesome views of the Currituck Sound. You can actually duck down and through some side roads of these North Carolina Bike Trails and take some even more amazing looks at the ocean. The distance you ride is for you to decide, however, if the five miles between Sanderling Resort and Duck isn’t far enough, head along toCorrolla and you may even pass a few wild horses on the beach as you go.

North Carolina Bike Trails from Smooth Sailing into the Wild Terrain

This concludes our first look at the North Carolina Bike Trails. These all feature smooth riding and gorgeous scenery. In our follow up post, we will continue these paths. However, the riding of the trails coming up are a bit more challenging. 

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In the initial posts, we ran through numbers ten through four in the rankings. That just leaves us just three places left to go. Being that you are now in your Rocky Mount new home at Belmont Lake Preserve, these should all be on your radar. Consequently, below, are the top three Rocky Mount NC Restaurants.

Somehow the trend of each type of restaurant having a specialized in its area continues., This just opens up more options for you in your new hometown. Either way, bring your appetite to and you may want to start with these three Rocky Mount NC Restaurants.

Going All-American With the Top Three Rocky Mount NC Restaurants

The “top three” Rocky Mount NC Restaurants, all do fit in one category together. American! One specializies in burgers, dogs, and the like. Another actually uses “America” in its name. Then ” first among our Rocky Mount NC Restaurants covers BBQ. ‘Nuff said.

3- Barley and Burger

Is anything more American than a great burger joint? Barley and Burger has been turning heads with its amazing burgers since opening. We feel one reviewer really “nailed it” in it below.

This customer begins, “The food was great. According to the restaurant, their burgers are sourced from the highest quality black angus whole muscle cuts of short rib and chuck. This truly shows in the juiciness and flavor of the meat.” 

The juicy burgers were not all that impresses though at Barley and Burger. Their great service also plays big into the top three ranking of Rocky Mount NC Restaurants. The same customer addressed the amazing service, too. “What sets Barley & Burger over the top is the service, in my opinion. This stems from the hardworking nature of the owner… Every employee was attentive, hardworking, and friendly.” In conclusion, this loyal customer adds, “Their motto is ‘Great Food. Great Beer. Made Simple.’ I personally think that they nailed it.”

2- Lou Reda’s An American Table

This is our second entry owned by Mr. Reda. As for an “All- American,” restaurant, this is called an “American Table.” Anyhow, we will let the customer experiences continue on the talking. Below is a happy Lou Reda’s visitor.

“This is my favorite restaurant in all of Rocky Mount…It was so good I almost screamed. Really. Just delicious! They add, “The entire meal was phenomenal, the food was so good I came back the next day…”

As they explain on their own website, Lou Reda’s are “almost unclassifiable by traditional culinary standards.” They go on saying, “It’s neither a steakhouse, a seafood restaurant, or a ‘meat and three comfort joint.’ It’s all three of those places and more.” 

1- The Prime Smokehouse

Surprisingly, this was the only BBQ joint among the best Rocky Mount NC Restaurants. Unsurprisingly is that number one is Prime Smokehouse. With its unmatchable atmosphere and menu, it’s been a hit since opening in 2013.

The owner of Prime is Ed Wiley. Speaking about the unique and delicious food offerings at Prime Smokehouse, he said, “Whether you choose entrees from our time-tested, famous wood smoker; our thick, juicy premium steaks; our delicious fresh seafood choices; award-winning mac and cheese and other gourmet sides; or any of our many homemade desserts, you will immediately recognize the freshness and creativity of every dish.” 

Fittingly enough, we close our series with a pleased customer of Prime Smokehouse. “This was maybe the best meal I’ve ever had. The chicken was perfectly seasoned and tender, and mac and cheese were amazing.” She adds her husband’s take too. “My husband had ribs and they literally fell off the bone… We are excited to have found this place and look forward to coming back.”

The Top 10 Rocky Mount NC Restaurants

Once again, to arrive at our top ten Rocky Mount NC Restaurants, we looked to the public. With hundreds or ratings and reviews at Yelp, we used your feedback to compose the listing in these past three posts. One thing for sure is that by moving to your new home in Rocky Mount at Belmont Lake Preserve you are in a great location for great food statewide. But you also are minutes from some of the most delicious times you could have anywhere in NC.

For more information on the Belmont Lake Preserve new home community, visit belmontlakepreserve.com.


In the first of our three-post series covering the “top ten” Restaurants in Rocky Mount, we saw somewhat of a theme. With seafood, Mexican, Italian, and diner/comfort food establishments in the four covered to this point, we will see much of the same as we look at the next three eateries on our list. Once again, each of these is just minutes from Belmont Lake Preserve and have ranked among the top Restaurants in Rocky Mount based upon actual customer reviews.

The Best Restaurants in Rocky Mount: The Far South, the Sea, and a Familiar Face Bring Us into the “Top Five!”

Variety, variety, variety. It’s a great thing when the choice is all yours. This is especially true when you are hungry. Thus, it is as easy as hopping in the car and making a choice of Caribbean fare, fresh seafood, or giving the owner of a known favorite a try in a different venue. Well, no that we read that last sentence back, maybe that is not so easy of a choice when it comes to deciding between several of the best Restaurants in Rocky Mount. We stand corrected that it is not so easy to pick, however, we stand by the fact that it is a really good problem to have so many incredible eateries so close to BLP.

6- Taste of Paradise

No question, with all of the spots listed you just can’t go wrong. However, the delicious Caribbean options at Taste of Paradise comes in at number six. As one happy reviewer explains, if you are looking for authentic and delicious, look no further than 101 Atlantic Avenue here in Rocky Mount.

“Best Jamaican food in town,” the first reviewer gushes. “Everything in there tastes great. The people in there are friendly and overall the place gives you a cozy feeling.” Backing these sentiments was a second reviewer in support of this as a top Restaurants in Rocky Mount. 

“The food is incredible,” the review starts. “I’m a vegetarian. PLENTY of options to go around. All are fresh, savory, and perfectly spiced.” They conclude, “You can’t beat the prices. Definitely check it out!”

5- Tasty Crab House

The Tasty Crab House differs from the seafood restaurant in our previous post mostly in preparation. This of our Restaurants in Rocky Mount specializes in “delicious, finger-lickin’ New Orleans Cajun-style boiled seafood.”

Looking to create the most customer-friendly experience possible, they’re known for “build-your-own- seafood platters. This allows you to “mix and match” options including snow crab legs, shrimp, lobster, and more. How spicy is your call to, as they offer four options for how much seasoning goes on. 

These same flavors are very popular here on chicken wings. Consequently, even the signature sides including hush puppies, “Cajun” fries and traditional Cajun sides like boiled eggs and corn on the cob are big factors in this spot reaching the top five Restaurants in Rocky Mount.

4- The Tap at 1918

Moving along in the “top five,” fourth place in our top Restaurants in Rocky Mount finds us art The Tap at 1918. The atmosphere is amazing for starters, as it resides in a former 100-year old restored cotton mill, giving you unique addition to your dining spots.

Self-titled “Eastern North Carolina’s only Modern Gastropub,” they specialize in smoking, in-house brining, pickling, as well as curing charcuterie execution. They also have twenty local micro-brews on tap. The owner, Lou Reda is no stranger to great Rocky Mount eating venues for sure.. Actually, this may not be the last we see of him in our blog series as his other restaurant has been one of the city’s most popular for years.

I think about all that can be said about our number four spot on the Restaurants in Rocky Mount was captured in the following review. “No question one of the BEST restaurants in the country. If you have not been here, make the trip.” They went on, “This meal was the reflection of a genius in the form of an artist… Truly no words to capture the full essence of what I just experienced.”

Restaurants in Rocky Mount: On to the Top Three!!!

This brings us to the conclusion of the second post in our series of three documenting the top Restaurants in Rocky Mount. Amazingly, numbers, three, two, and one continue the theme of variety in specialties, which we all can agree is nothing but a good thing! 

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We have told you numerous times since moving to your new home in Rocky Mount that location is one of the many perks of your new neighborhood, Belmont Lake Preserve. We’ve told you about different activities and destinations. We’ve directed you to different entertainment options and plenty of restaurants, too. However, right here in your new home town, you have an incredible selection of fine places to eat. Don’t believe us? Well, just read on through this and our follow up posts in the series and head out for a “taste of the town” at these amazing Rocky Mount Restaurants.

In this series of articles, we don’t only give you our opinion on the top ten Rocky Mount Restaurants. We used actual customer ratings, reviews, and feedback in coming up with our listings. Thus, whether you are looking for burgers, pizza, Mexican, seafood, BBQ, or a little of each, stay tuned and bring an appetite! In this first post of our series, we will look at numbers 7-10 in our rankings.

The Top 10 Rocky Mount Restaurants: Around the Globe in Four Restaurants

Ironically enough, after prefacing the array of dining options among Rocky Mount Restaurants, our first four entries to the “top ten,” couldn’t be more different from one another regarding their menus. So, whether you have the “hungry’s” for a steak or seafood, pizza and wings, or mexican fare. Just follow along and you can rest assured we got you covered somewhere on our list.

10- The Thirsty Bull

The first stop on our Rocky Mount Restaurants is the perfect stop if you are looking for some fresh, delicious seafood. Likewise, they have you covered on a nice, thick steak or even a big, fat burger if you so desire. 

Located at 3665 Sunset Avenue, the Thirsty Bull is a family-friendly atmosphere. Locals seem to rave of their oysters and “local fresh catch” options. In addition to an amazing meal, the “Bull” also rotates 14 local craft beer options at all times.

9- Chew N Chat Cafe

Next up we move along our Rocky Mount Restaurants “top ten” and to a true classic. Chew N Chat Cafe is exactly what a “good ol’ southern cooking,” diner-type restaurant should be. 

Known for their top-notch, huge breakfast plates, soups, salads, sandwiches, and all the classic comfort type meals you’d expect. Only better! The Chew N Chat opens at 7:00 a.m. Monday -Saturday and is at 1005 West Mount Drive. Stop in and have a taste…or a chew…of this Eastern NC classic.

8- Tipsy Tomato

We told you there were not only some amazing Rocky Mount Restaurants near your new home at BLP. But, how about the variety…am I right? Next up we have what is ranked as the best pizza place in town, the Tipsy Tomato.

Specializing in their made fresh daily dough and ingredients, the “Tomato” is located at 7 East Elm Street. Once again though, don’t take my word for it, lets go to a recent review from a “traveling through” native New Yorker. The five-star review left, said, “I am from New York and I go to Italy every other year. I know my pizza. THIS PIZZA WAS AMAZING!! The crust was outstanding!

7- TBC West: Tacos and Taproom

Well, we told you so. You can’t get more diverse than a steak and seafood joint, a diner, pizza, and now the city’s favorite Mexican restaurant, TBC West. Located on the Rocky Mount Mills Campus at 1121 Fall Road, on top of the great tacos, TBC also offers an amazing selection of craft brews and tasty drinks as well.

Want to talk variety? TBC offers tacos featuring chicken, short rib, shrimp, cauliflower, beef, and more. The quesadillas and salads are like none elsewhere among our Rocky Mount Restaurants. Much as a recent reviewer noted at yelp.com, we second the notion to “highly recommend this hidden gem.”

Rocky Mount Restaurants: More Variety on the Way

How could there be more variety on the way? Well, simple, the Rocky Mount Restaurants are diverse and in many cases offering up some of the tastiest and most amazing dishes anywhere county, state, or nationwide…much less tops in just the city. Thus, when we continue with numbers 4, 5, and 6 in our next post, you will again see variety, but more so than anything you will see incredible dining options for some of the most delicious stops in Eastern NC.

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