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Barley and Burger first opened its Rocky Mount doors in the winter of 2018.

After a three-way tie at number seven, the Top 10 Restaurants in Rocky Mount moves on! However, there is another tie in this posting as well, as we visit number six and at “five” we have a pair of great local eateries.

Barley and Burger: The “Best Burger in Town” Among Restaurants in Rocky Mount

Barley and Burger has quickly become a favorite stop for a burger and a brew. They first opened this Rocky Mount eatery in the winter of 2018. They obviously are known for their array of brews and burgers. However, Barley and Burger also features great sandwiches, salads, and more. Located at 2921 Zebulon Road, on top of their great choices, “You can even build your own burger to ensure your experience is perfect with every bite.”

To summarize just how delicious the Barley and Burger experience is, one customer gave a review while still in the restaurant entitled, “Speechless.” “This has to be one of the best burgers I have had in a restaurant in a long time. They don’t even have to wash my plate because I cleaned it off for them.” The satisfied customer added, Plenty of staff and super friendly. I’m writing this as I sit in the restaurant.”

On top of gourmet burgers, the Main Course features great sandwich specials like the Meatball Hoagie.

The Main Course at Belmont is a “Hole in One” Among Restaurants in Rocky Mount

The “Main Course at Belmont” comes in tied as number five of Restaurants in Rocky Mount. Located in the Golf Clubhouse building at Belmont Lake Preserve, the Main Course has become a Rocky Mount favorite for residents not only in the neighborhood, but across the city. With gourmet burgers, delicious entries, and so much more, the review below truly epitomizes the general feel of the restaurant located at 201 Belmont Way.

“You’re on the right course at the Main Course,” the pleased customer begins. “I’ve been here on multiple occasions and I’ve NEVER had a bad bite! Servings are plentiful, the food is well presented and fresh, and the daily specials are always the way to go!”

Fresh salads and sandwiches are favorites at the Westridge Grill.

Westridge Grill is a “Great Sandwich Place,” and is “Tied at Five” Among Restaurants in Rocky Mount

Westridge Grill refers to itself as the “neighborhood place to be in Rocky Mount.” Specifically pointing to their “great food and friendly service” as a “good combo for a fun time,” this is a laid back stop for some delicious eats.

Backing the words of the Westridge Grill itself, one out -of-town customer described the 3639 Sunset Avenue eatery as follows. “We went to this restaurant based on a suggestion from a friend we were visiting in Rocky Mount. This place is wonderful with food that is excellent.” The review concluded, “This little place had a great atmosphere, friendly staff and fantastic food and I would definitely go here again when I’m in the area.”

On top of their burgers and beers, Barley and Brews serves incredible chicken wings. Shown is the garlic parmesan variety.

The Climb Past the Top 5 of Restaurants in Rocky Mount to Follow!

In our next post continuing our series on Restaurants in Rocky Mount, we will look at the number four, three, and two food spots in the city. For more reviews and details on each of these restaurants, visit tripadvisor.com. If specifically looking for greter detail on the Main Course at Belmont, go to belmontlakepreserve.com

In this post, we move along in our educated predictions for Popular Kitchen Trends in 2020. This piece will detail the last four of the nine trends covered in a recent article at homesandgardens.com. As said in our previous post, the kitchen has seemed to gain momentum and attention to detail. Over time the kitchen has truly become one of the most important rooms in a new home. 

The following are the four remaining Popular Kitchen Trends for 2020. Once again the areas listed are taken from the experts at Homes and Gardens. 

  • Unexpected Paint Combinations
  • Black Walls, Cabinets, and Surfaces
  • Ash Backsplashes
  • The Return of Marble
Unexpected color combinations is a trend on the rise in kitchens of new home owners.

“Throw Out” the Rulebook on Color Up Until This Point

The next of our Popular Kitchen Trends for 2020 is spoken of at homesandgardens.com. In the accompanying article, Jennifer Ebert, a blogger at Homes and Gardens discusses what she called “Color Pop.”

“Throw the rulebook out of the window in favor of unexpected paint-color pairings. Kitchens are rife with color opportunities, from appliances and flooring, to window treatments and cabinets.” 

In conclusion, she does add that with an unexpected color pairing there should be at least some thinking ahead, however. “Start by deciding how much of permanent commitment you are willing to make. One of the easiest and least expensive options is to paint a wall that can be easily updated should you tire of it. Choosing color is such a personal experience.”

Back in Black: It’s No Longer Just an Accent Color!

Ash cabinets and surfaces make for a great accent and thus have gained popularity in recent times.

The next item on the Popular Kitchen Trends for 2020 list is a more prominent usage of the color black. Basically pigeon-holed for years as mainly an accent color, in recent months and heading to the new year, it’s fair to say “black is back.”

Whether walls, cabinets, or other surfaces, using black adds an inviting charm to your kitchen. Ms. Ebert agrees in her blog post, as she noted the following. “Black becomes livable, luxe and inviting, with textured woods adding rustic, homely charm.”

First There was Walnut, Now Its Ash!

“Out of fashion for a while, wood is now enjoying a bit of a revival,” Ebert begins. A bit paler than either walnut or oak.”

The usage of this paler, subtle grained wood helps to accent colors and tones around it. Ash can be used in many different spots throughout the kitchen, and the way momentum is going, the wood will be getting used even more usage.

Marble countertops and surfaces are making a big comeback and are expected to continue being a hot trend into the new year.

Luxury, Style Await in the “Stone Age”

The final of our nine trend, two-part series brings us to the elegant appeal of strongly veined marble. Countertops and most surfaces if switched to marble can appear to be a whole different room than before the switch.

Once again, homeandgardens.com spoke glowingly of the resurgence of marble. “It’s the time of strongly veined marble, the busier the better for unmissable luxury and next-level style.” The piece reads on. If there’s one thing that’s storming the style charts and shaking up interiors, it’s the return of marble.”

These trends as well as the ones we will cover moving forward are all items that could be discussed with and implemented by “America’s favorite Builder,” DR Horton at Belmont Lake Preserve. For more information on the DR Horton builder team at Belmont Lake Preserve, go to belmontlakepreserve.com. For more on the Kitchen Trends for 2020, visit homesandgardens.com.


We continue with part two of our series on the Top 10 Rocky Mount NC Restaurants in this post. Moving along with our next three delicious eateries, we have a tie at number seven on our list. We continue to “let the customer” do the talking, basing the rankings on actual scores and reviews from Trip Advisor.

The incredibly large portions at Smith’s Restaurant is shown here in this “half sandwich” plate.

It’s a Triple Play at Number Seven Among the Rocky Mount NC Restaurants

In the number seven spot on our list of the Top 10 Rocky Mount NC Restaurants, we have a three-way tie. In the spirit of not leaving any of the favorite local food stops from getting there accolades, we will touch on all three.

“What a FIND!” It’s “Good Country Cooking” at Smith’s Restaurant

Well known both locally and by travelers, Smith’s Restaurant is known for its mouth-watering breakfast and lunch. Located at 3649 North Halifax Road, a reviewer at Trip Advisor may have best summed up the Smith’s experience.

Speaking of this entry in our Top Rocky Mount NC Restaurants, the customer explained the following. “We spent the holidays in Rocky Mount, visiting from Albuquerque, NM. We decided to have breakfast together at Smith’s before leaving. What a treat! The service was excellent! It felt like family all around!” The out-of-town visitor concludes, “This welcoming setting felt like a family hug! The food was plentiful (huge servings), and every single item was absolutely delicious!”

Great variety in their menu, and delicious homemade desserts are staples of the Chew-n-Chat Cafe.

“Great Variety” for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, or Brunch at the Chew-n-Chat Cafe

Located at 1005 West Mount Drive, the Chew-n-Chat Cafe is next among the top Restaurants in Rocky Mount NC. This favorite stop explains their “Mission and Heritage” at their official Facebook page. “The original Chew-n-Chat was located in southern Alabama during the 1950s and was owned and operated by my grandmother’s family.” It continues, “The café was well known for its good cookin’ and as a place for locals and travelers alike to come together, enjoy a meal, and share in great conversation.”

With great sandwiches, dinners, breakfast, salads, and of course the homemade desserts, it does not appear much has changed. But don’t take our word for it. The following review from Trip Advisor can do the explaining. “This place blew all of my expectations. This menu is phenomenal with creative twists on both southern dishes and current trends in the restaurant biz.” They concluded, “The pricing was good and portion size is perfect for a take-home leftover box, which is just as good later.”

El Jimador gives Rocky Mount an always fresh and always mouth-watering taste of Mexican cuisine.

Of the Rocky Mount NC Restaurants, El Jimador is “Superior Mexican Cuisine” and Scores an A++!”

New to town in early 2017, El Jimador Mexican Restaurant made a great first impression and continues to meet and exceed customer expectations. El Jimador is located at 2181 Lawrence Circle and its freshness and unique Mexican dishes seem to be reasons that many keep coming back again and again. The Trip Advisor revies from one customer began with our headline of “Superior Mexican Cuisine” and goes on in glowing detail.

“Their menu offers all the choices you know and love, as well as a variety of unique and wonderful options to discover. The location is beautiful, well maintained, and the service exceeds any offerings locally. El Jimador is bringing quality and service back to the area.” This obvious frequenter of the restaurant continues on with his compliments. “Thank you for having such a strong commitment to excellence and ensuring your customers receive not only incredible food but great service and experiences every time. Congrats on such an outstanding achievement and a job well done. Well done indeed. A++”

Shown are two of the Chew-n-Chat Cafe daily specials, the Shrimp Platter and Oyster Platter. Both are with Slaw, Collards, and Corn Muffin.

Rocky Mount NC Restaurants: Moving Past Number Seven

To give all the fine Rocky Mount NC Restaurants on our list the accolades and recognition they deserve, we will continue on with our top six in upcoming posts. Though we have a tie for seventh, the rankings will still continue with six, five, and four in our next article.

All of these Rocky Mount NC Restaurants are a short drive from your new home at Belmont Lake Preserve. For more details and reviews of these restaurants, visit tripadvisor.com. For all the great things happening at Belmont Lake Preserve, visit belmontlakepreserve.com.

In this series of articles, we will look at projected trends for new homes being built in 2020. Each article will be based on the educated forecast of some of the most respected publications in home design and real estate. Likewise, we will dedicate each post to a different room in the house and its projected trends. In this our first piece in the series, we will look at Kitchen Design Trends for 2020. 

In addition to listing each of the most popular trends expected in each room for the upcoming year, we will give a brief description of each. Due to this room having so many wildly popular trends, our initial two posts will be a two-part look at popular new ideas for the kitchen. While the experts at homesandgardens.com listed nine total trends, we will look at five of these today. Thus, our next article will feature the remaining four Kitchen Design Trends in 2020.

Kitchen Design Trends for 2020 Featured in This Article

  • Gold Hardware and Sinks
  • Walnut Cabinets
  • Larder/Pantry Cupboards
  • Handleless Cabinets
  • Double Kitchen Islands
Gold sinks and hardware are predicated to continuing working their way back into kitchens in 2020.

Going for the Gold!

With the popularity already on the rise regarding different finishes and colors of sinks, the Homes and Gardens experts feel this will continue to see an increase in interest. These Kitchen Design Trends for 2020 visit the upswing in the importance of the sink and an increase in seeing the gold sink as opposed to the more conventional finish.

In the article detailing these trends at homesandgardens.com, they speak with the Product Development and Training Manager from Home Appliance innovator, SMEG, Joan Fraser.

“Sinks have moved up on the scale of importance in kitchen design.” Fraser added, “Models are introduced to meet customers’ demands for a sink which, in addition to being purely functional, also makes a definitive style statement.”

Walnut for More Warmth

Another of our Kitchen Trends for 2020 includes “warming up” the look of the room. While there are many ways this could be achieved, in this case, we are talking about the use of walnut around the kitchen.

Homes and Gardens columnist, Jennifer Ebert gave the following take on the “wonder of walnut.” Ebert begins, “We have recently seen a rise in walnut cabinetry.” She adds, “It’s rich, dark color, fine grain and natural warmth are prized by makers for its feeling of instant luxury. “

Lots of Love for Larders

Larders or pantry cupboards have seen an increase in popularity with new home builders.

A somewhat consistent feature is the focal point of our next entry among Kitchen Design Trends for 2020. That trend is larder or pantry cupboards.”Having a larder makes perfect sense. All the food goods are in one place and not scattered around in numerous wall cupboards.”

Ebert goes on to explain, “Meaning people can be more organized when doing their food shopping.” In addition to making ones shopping less of a task, this also makes for less of a need for wall cupboards. Consequently, with more wall space, as a result, the choice is yours as to how to cover that open space.

Handleless is Handy…If You Can Handle It!

“‘Handleless kitchen cabinets are one of the biggest trends for 2020, ” exclaims Busola Evans of Homes and Gardens. “… “For a more pared-back, streamlined look. It’s all about simplicity and a focus on cabinetry details.’ “

Doubling Up…on Islands???

The fifth and final of our Kitchen Design Trends of 2020 stays consistent with the kitchen becoming larger and more accommodating. This trend is having double kitchen islands.

Ebert echoes this in her article on Kitchen Design Trends. “With the move towards larger kitchens, in open-plan spaces, the kitchen island has become an essential kitchen feature.” She adds, “A pair of island units has become the last work in luxury, an expansive addition for when space is no object.”

Four More Kitchen Design Trends for 2020…To Go!!!

In our next article, we will cover the remaining Four Kitchen Home Design Trends for 2020. Any of these ideas can be implemented by explaining to “America’s Favorite Builders,” DR Horton at Belmont Lake Preserve (BLP) exactly which you prefer.

To view the great amenities and available homes at BLP, visit belmontlakepreserve.com. To see more on the Homes and Gardens predictions and more, visit homesandgardens.com.


Always a place to support local vendors and get the freshest and best in area products, this weekend will see a special twist for the holidays. From 8:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m., the Nash County Farmers Market Christmas Event will help spread holiday cheer this Saturday, December 14. The “Holiday and Artisian” Market will also run with the same Christmas theme, next Saturday, December 21.

Those in need of a tree can get them freshly cut at the Market.

A Special Guest “from the North Pole” to Attend Nash County Farmers Market Christmas Event

Taking place as always at 1006 Peachtree Street in Rocky Mount, is the Nash County Farmers Market Christmas Event. This is much like the weekly Farmers Market. However, this holiday-themed event adds a little “yuletide” spirit. In addition to the usual great vendors on hand, there will be several holiday-themed additions to the market.

Just an hour after the Farmers Market/Holiday Artisian market begins, a guest is set to arrive. This isn’t just any guest though, as all the way from the North Pole, Santa Claus will be on hand. Arriving at 9:00 a.m., “Jolly Ol’ St. Nick” will be visiting with kids and available for pictures until 2:00 p.m.

In addition to Christmas trees, wreaths, stockings, candles, and other holiday items will be available.

Trees, Wreaths, and Other Locally Made Holiday Decor

Over 40 local vendors, spanning two buildings are expected for the Nash County Farmers Market Christmas Event. In both of the remaining two weeks, several of these vendors will have decor and other great holiday products.

For those of you waiting for just the right moment for a locally grown, beautiful Christmas tree, this is the place. At the Nash County Farmers Market Christmas Event, area farmers will be out in full force selling fresh-cut trees. These no doubt will include many Fraser Firs, which are “North Carolina’s Christmas Tree’s.”

In addition, there will be vendors selling wreaths, stockings, art, and so much more. Looking to finish off your Christmas list? Look no further than these holiday type items. If that’s not your style, try the locally made handcrafted gifts from the Nash County vendors.

Delicious homemade candies and chocolate make a great “stocking stuffer.”

What About the Usual, Fresh, and Delicious Goods at the Nash County Farmers Market? Will They be on Hand?

“Yes,” is the plain and simple answer to these questions. You can get all of the delicious produce, meats, and baked goods, you always do on your Saturday stop at “the market.”

With the aforementioned 40-plus vendors on hand, whatever you usually stop at the Farmers Market for, is there. Sweet potatoes, apples, jellies and jams, collard greens, candles, soaps, and more will be available at the Nash County Farmers Market Christmas Event.

Music and Food Trucks add to the Nash County Farmers Market Christmas Event

On top of all the fresh produce and handmade products. In addition to the Christmas trees, wreathes, and Santa Claus visiting. There couldn’t possibly be more at this Nash County Christmas event.

However, tehre is, as the Rocky Mount High School Orchestra will be on hand, as will other live music each week. Likewise, the Aacme Soul and Seafood food truck will be on site cooking up luch and dinner for those who build an appetite.

There will be plenty of candles, soaps, arts and crafts for sale at the Nash County Farmers Market Christmas event in each of the next two Saturdays.

For Newcomers, a Bit of History Behind the Farmers Market

For those unfamiliar with the Market, the Nash County Farmers Market Christmas Event is a perfect opportunity to check it out. The market itself first opened in 2005 in an effort to provide area farmers a facility to sell goods.

In the past 14-plus years, the market has succeding in doing just that and grown to become a regular Saturday stop for many. According to nashcountync.gov, the following is the “mission” of the event.

“This market philosophy is consistent with long term economic development and preservation of our local farming community. This market is not just a building.” It continues, “It’s the dynamic activity of all of the people involved in growing, harvesting, buying, selling and sometimes socializing. Shoppers come to enjoy the farmers market experience.”

For more information on the Nash County Farmers Market’s holiday event and schedule or any other events, visit nashcountync.gov.


On the first Friday of each month, the Imperial Centre for the Arts and Sciences plays host to a variety of family-friendly activities. However, the most special “First Friday” event of the year is approaching on Friday, December 6. On that Friday, the Imperial Centre for the Arts and Sciences will host a special “First Friday” Christmas in Rocky Mount.

Santa Claus will be on hand for the First Friday event at the Imperial Centre.

Christmas in Rocky Mount Activities Throughout the Centre

As with each “First Friday,” all areas of the Imperial Centre will have activities for all ages. Consequently, due to its Christmas in Rocky Mount theme, all of these areas will be “spreading holiday cheer” on December 6.

At 6:00 p.m., the most traditional Christmas in Rocky Mount activity will take place. This is when the annual tree lighting will take place. Also, Santa will be on hand to take pictures with the kids. Likewise, another traditional Christmas in Rocky Mount favorite returns with the annual carriage rides.

The art demonstrations are always a fun part for the children at Imperial Centre events.

Children’s Museum Christmas Activities

In the Children’s Museum area at the Imperial Centre, there will be an array of Christmas in Rocky Mount fun for the family to enjoy. This includes free admission to the “Spin” exhibit and the always popular Braswell Memorial Pop-Up Library. At 7:00 p.m. there will be a planetarium show as part of the First Friday Christmas in Rocky Mount. In addition to all of this, at 8:00 p.m. will be a special Holiday Laser Light show.

There will be a variety of vendors one hand Main Lobby of the Imperial Centre to pick up some Christmas gifts for your loved ones.

First Friday Christmas Events in the Art Center

Just as with the Children’s Museum section, the Art Center will also feature its own holiday-themed events. This area will boast free art exhibits for public viewing. It will also have live music throughout the night’s festivities by Tim and Susan Wells. Lastly, you will want to be sure to join in the special holiday-themed art activity and demo.

The Main Lobby: A Celebration of Christmas in Rocky Mount

Not to be outdone, The Imperial Centre’s Main Lobby will feature a variety of local vendors on hand for those looking to pick up some last-minute stocking stuffers and gifts. Additionally on hand will be an information table and a performance by the talented dancers from Dance USA. An art demonstration will also take place during this event in the main lobby as well.

The Langston Hughes’ written “Black Nativity” will have six showings at the Imperial Centre between December 6-15.

Black Nativity Takes the “Centre Stage” for Six Showings as Part of Imperial Centre Holiday Events

The theatre at the Imperial Centre is always the place to find a talented group of live performers on stage. Their annual holiday performances have included several Christmas classics, and this year will be no exception.

Featuring an all-local cast, this year’s performance will be “Black Nativity: A Gospel Song Play.” The classic Christmas tale will see the cast tell its story in dialogue, narrative, pantomime, gospel song, and folk spiritual forms. This year’s production is directed by Imperial Centre Artistic and Managing Director, Brookew Edwards. The show is co-produced by Word Tabernacle Church.

Show Times at the Imperial Centre for Black Nativity: A Gospel Song Play

  • Friday, December 6- 7:30 p.m.
  • Saturday, December 7- 7:30 p.m.
  • Sunday, December 8- 2:00 p.m.
  • Friday, December 13- 7:30 p.m.
  • Saturday, December 14- 7:30 p.m.
  • Sunday, December 15- 2:00 p.m.

The Imperial Centre for the Arts is located just minutes from your new home at Belmont Lake Preserve at 270 Gay Street in Rocky Mount. For more on tickets for “Black Nativity,” and all the Christmas in Rocky Mount First Friday events at the Imperial Centre, visit imperialcentre.org. For more information on the Belmont Lake Preserve new home and golf community, visit belmontlakepreserve.com.


A pair of Rocky Mount Christmas traditions are set to return to the downtown area on consecutive Sunday afternoons. First, on Sunday, December 1, will be the 64th Annual Christmas Parade. Then, on the following Sunday (December 8) the Imperial Centre for the Arts will again host “Winter Wonderland.”

The 64th annual Christmas Parade will feature fun characters and floats for all to enjoy.

The Rocky Mount Christmas Parade: Six-Plus Decades of Tradition

On Sunday, December 1, for the 64th consecutive year, the streets of downtown Rocky Mount will be filled with the sights and sounds of the season. The annual Christmas Parade is a holiday tradition spanning and bringing together generations of Rocky Mount families.

The street will feature floats, marching bands, and countless other community businesses at the Rocky Mount Christmas Parade. As always, Santa Claus will also be on hand to greet all the children. The parade begins at 3:00 p.m. and is will run until 4:30 p.m.

Santa Claus will be on hand at the “Winter Wonderland” to take pictures with the kids.

A Newer Rocky Mount Christmas Tradition: Winter Wonderland Returns to the Imperial Centre

One week following the parade, December 8, the Imperial Centre for the Arts and Sciences will host its annual “Winter Wonderland.” Scheduled to start at 1:00 p.m. and run until 5:00 p.m., there are countless holiday activities at this event.

All areas of the “Centre” will feature fun-filled Christmas activities for all ages at Winter Wonderland. As always, this is a free event, with holiday themed music, rides, arts and crafts, and of course Santa himself will be on hand. 

Events Scheduled for Winter Wonderland at the Imperial Centre

  • Horse and Carriage Rides
  • A Sledding Hill
  • Pictures and Meet with Santa Claus
  • Holiday arts and Crafts Making
  • Food Vendors

The Imperial Centre for the Arts and Sciences is located at 270 Gay Street in downtown Rocky Mount. Both the Christmas Parade and Winter Wonderland events are only a short drive from Belmont Lake Preserve. For more information on either of these events, visit the City of Rocky Mount website at rockymountnc.gov


In this series of posts, we will focus on the great places to eat around the city of Rocky Mount. Using the actual customer reviews and scoring from Trip Advisor, these upcoming 3 articles will detail the Top 10 Restaurants in Rocky Mount NC.

Whether off the menu or buffet, Gardner’s BBQ Restaurant is a Rocky Mount favorite.

No Franchises…Restaurants in Rocky Mount mean IN ROCKY MOUNT!

(In listing the Top 10 Restaurants in Rocky Mount NC based on Trip Advisor, we are not including national franchises.) Each of the top Restaurants in Rocky Mount NC listed are based in the city. In listing the “Top 10,” we use the scores and words from actual customers that left reviews of each specific Restaurants in Rocky Mount NC at Trip Advisor. Thus, even though we compile the list of Top 10 Restaurants in Rocky Mount NC, it is you, the customer who actually is the basis of the rankings.

Central Cafe is known for its delicious burgers, hot dogs, and classic diner fare./

“A ‘Jewel’ of Downtown Rocky Mount,” Central Cafe is a True Classic Among Restaurants in Rocky Mount NC

“A ‘Jewel’ of Downtown Rocky Mount,” is how one reviewer described Central Cafe. Located at 132 South Church Street, this restaurant’s inclusion is based on its classic diner-style and feel. Known for its delicious hot dogs and hamburgers, Central Cafe is a long-time favorite and staple of downtown.

“Hot dogs are amazing! They added, “Got one loaded, with fries. ..very, very tasty. Just a small local place that was worth the trip.” Another review echoes the first one’s sentiments also. “If you want a really great hamburger, cheeseburger, or hot dog – this is the place. Love their service too! Fast and easy to get in, eat, and get out!”

Mario’s Pizza and Restaurant (homemade pizza pictured here, and pasta at top of page) has been voted the city’s top Italian restaurant.

Mario’s Pizza & Restaurant, the “Best Italian in Rocky Mount.”

One local customer calls Mario’s “a hidden gem” after discovering the eatery at 3653 Sunset Avenue. At the restaurant’s official website, owner Mario Tawous welcomes customers to his restaurant. He explains about this entry in the Top 10 Restaurants in Rocky Mount NC. “Here you will find an authentic Italian experience featuring old world dishes and sophisticated taste.” He adds, “From our family to yours, welcome to Mario’s.”

Voted the city’s number one Italian restaurant in the Rocky Mount Telegram, the reviews support this award. The following glowing review left at Trip Advisor sums up the entire Mario’s experience. “From when you walk in until you leave, it is by far one of the best restaurants in Rocky Mount.” It continues, “The portions are ridiculously huge and the staff is second to none.

Gardner’s is famous for their delicious NC style BBQ pulled pork sandwich.

“Real BBQ is Here” as Gardner’s Barbecue Ranks Among Top Restaurants in Rocky Mount NC

Gardner’s is located right up the road from Belmont Lake Preserve at 1331 North Wesleyan Boulevard. Serving up authentic BBQ and Southern fare since 1972, Gardner’s offers a “good, down home feel.” Plus, you can order any of their menu choices or enjoy a huge buffet and sample a little bit of everything.

“Gardner’s is awesome” gushes a reviewer from Florida who makes this a stop whenever passing through. “Amazing display of buffet items for an even more amazing price.” He continues, “Well worth the time. I had barbecue, chicken, fried shrimp, fried fish, deviled crab, lump crab meat. Wonderfully seasoned collard greens, black eyed peas and cabbage. Ice cream, apple cobbler.” His only complaint was, “Too much more food here that I didn’t try.”

In our next post, we will continue our look at the Top 10 Restaurants in Rocky Mount NC. Moving along, we will have three more eateries that the customers raved about at Trip Advisor. Even though we will again talk of three different restaurants, we will not get past number seven, as next article will detail a three-way tie.

New-Home-Design-Trends-Belmont Lake Preserve

In this our third installment of New Home Design Trends, we will look at the “top of the list.” Again, we refer to the real estate experts at Houzz for the top three trends on our list. This last post of the series will take us in and out of three separate rooms that could be a part of your new home.

The “living room with personality” is one of Houzz’s top design trends on the rise.

New Home Design Trends with a Little “Personality”

It was not too long ago that not only were homeowners not focusing on the dining room, but the room was near extinction. This is obviously no longer the case based on number three of our New Home Design Trends.

“Dining rooms with a personality” is the way Houzz blogger, Mitchell Parker names this trend. Going on to explain the number three entry among his New Home Design Trends, he says the following.

“While many family meals are had at informal spots near or in the kitchen, dining rooms are thriving for special occasions.” Parker goes on to say, “That specialness opens up opportunities to inject lots of personality through color, pattern, lighting and more that might not fit within the context of the style found elsewhere in the home.”

The shower “ledge” has replaced the shower “niche” in many new homes being built this year.

A “Ledge” Instead of a “Niche” in the Shower

Number two on our list is the inclusion of shower ledges in place of niches. First, this makes for less work in the construction phase. To explain, with a niche, there must be a recession between wall studs for its placemen. Likewise, extra planning and preparation must go into what is used to tile the niche’s interior.

On the contrary, the Houzz post discussing the New Home Design Trends explains how a ledge is easier. “A shower ledge is much more straightforward,” the article states. “It requires a build-out of only a few inches into the shower space.” The piece concludes, “Run it along the length of your shower stall and you’ve got tons of space. Cap it with a piece of your bathroom vanity countertop material and call it a day.”

The number one new design trend according to Houzz and Builder Magazine in 2019 is a mix of wood and painted cabinets in the kitchen.

A Mix of Wood and Painted Keep Cabinets Atop the List

According to Houzz’s research, more than 40 percent of renovating homeowners choose white cabinets in their kitchen. Thus, it is no surprise that cabinets would be on top our list of New Home Design Trends.

Wood cabinets amongst painted cabinets is number one among the Top 10 trends. Parker details this rising trend thoroughy at houzz.com. “One way designers are keeping white kitchens interesting is by introducing other finishes to help break up the expanse of white cabinetry.” He goes on to say that ” A great way to do that is by adding just a few beautiful wood drawers.” This simple switch can add warmth, texture and interest to the kitchen.

New Home Design Trends or Your Home Design Trends at Belmont Lake Preserve

America’s favorite builders, DR Horton are waiting to work with you on your dream home at Belmont Lake Preserve. Any of these trends, or one’s you’ve thought of your own can be implemented into the building process.

For more on Houzz’s list of New Home Design Trends on the rise, see their website here. To see the home lots and new homes available at Belmont Lake Preserve new home community in Rocky Mount, visit belmontlakepreserve.com.

Rocky-Mount-Halloween-Events-Belmont Lake Preserve

The Rocky Mount Halloween Events are always met with anticipation by the youngsters across the city. This year though, the events bring an end to the “31 Days of Halloween” celebration. This has been a month featuring Halloween- themed fun at the Rocky Mount Events Center (RMEC). Likewise, and even more sentimental, they will also signify the first anniversary of the grand opening at the Downtown facility.

The Game Day Adventure and Arcade at Rocky Mount Events Center will host the Halloween festivities on Oct. 25-26

Wrapping up “31 Days” with Some Halloween Fun

The ” Game Day Adventure and Arcade” located in the Rocky Mount Event Center is a favorite among children city-wide. In the one year existence of the arcade, and the Events Center, “Game Day” has been host to many fun Rocky Mount Halloween Events.

During the month of October, the arcade hosts the “31 Days of Halloween.” The fun-filled activities this month saw “Make Your Own Halloween Mask,” “Do-It-Yourself Spider Web,” and even a ” Halloween Ice Cream Bar” event. In wrapping up the month-long “spooky celebration,” this weekend there will be two more Halloween events at the facility.

These include another “Do-It-Yourself” event on Friday and a Halloween Party on Saturday.

Schedule for Halloween Events at “Game Day Adventure and Arcade”

Friday, October 25, 4:00- 7:00 p.m.- “Do-It-Yourself Mostly Ghostly”

Saturday, October 26, 3:00- 8:00 p.m.- “Happy Halloween Party” (Costumes Encouraged!)

Consequently, the one year anniversary of the Rocky Mount Events Center grand opening (pictured) is Oct. 25.

Rocky Mount Events Signify One Year of the Events Center

With all the great events and revenue brought to the city, it’s hard to imagine downtown without the Events Center. However, it was just one year ago (October 25) when the facility launched its “Grand Opening” celebration.

With the great Halloween Events scheduled and the one- year anniversary milestone for the RMEC, the upcoming weekend looks to be “so much fun it’s scary.”

For more information on this weekend’s upcoming Halloween events and all upcoming attractions at Game Day and the Events Center, visit rockymountevents.com.