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In addition to being afforded the most luxurious, spa like amenities in the area as you enjoy your new house at the Belmont Lake Preserve new home community, a major reason in which many people are opting to relocate to scenic and historic Rocky Mount is the great location. For any sports fan under your roof, this bids especially well, given the excitement in the air at this time of year “around the hoop,” with both Duke University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill sitting very close to just an hour away , when you’re here at BLP you’re never too far from College Basketball’s Greatest Rivalry.

Without question when people think sports in the state of North Carolina the first thing that pops into mind is Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) college basketball, and with that, two of the most decorated hoops programs in all of the land, Duke and UNC. More so decorated history and than any other rivalry across NCAA Division 1 basketball, the decorated history and unparalleled talent that comes in and out of these school’s and on to the basketball court makes there two matchups each season College Basketball’s Greatest Rivalry.

With both teams sitting once again predicted to be among the elite of all of the NCAA in the 2017-18 season, College Basketball’s Greatest Rivalry is sure to be as red hot as ever to kick off another chapter this week, when Duke will travel to Chapel Hill and face theTar Heels on Thursday night, February 8 as the eyes of America will be on the state of North Carolina once again in a nationally televised contest on ESPN at 8:00 pm. The Tar Heels, will later take to the road in the seasons final regular season maych up and try to head into “March Madness” with a road win against the Blue Devils on March 3rd in another nationally televised contest will take place on the Duke campus at Cameron Indoor Stadium with an 8:00 pm tip off.

While all ACC basketball contests carry some weight and interest, no two teams taking the court in this or any other sport seems to draw the interest of Duke and UNC in College Basketball’s Greatest Rivalry. To see all of the options in area sports that are taking place just a short way up the road from Belmont Lake Preserve and Rocky Mount, including Duke and UNC, visit the “Lifestyle Redefined” page on our Belmont Lake Preserve website, located here.

Carolina-Hurricanes-NC-Living-Belmont Lake Preserve

Choosing to relocate to the championship NC golf community, Belmont Lake Preserve, was a choice to experience “Lifestyle Redefined.” Rocky Mount Area Entertainment puts you in close proximity to many options in seeing the area’s professional sports teams, which would include for the hockey fan under your roof, an NHL franchise that awaits under an hour away, with the 2006 Stanley Cup Champion, Carolina Hurricanes.

The fastest and most physical of the sports teams in Rocky Mount Area Entertainment, the Hurricanes play their home games in the heart of North Carolina’s capital city, Raleigh, at the PNC Arena. All the excitement and the top stars of the NHL sit under 70 miles from your front door at Belmont Lake Preserve. The Hurricanes’ franchise has become the driving force in the rise in popularity of ice hockey in North Carolina since relocating to Greensboro from Hartford, Connecticut prior to the 1997-98 season. Just two years later the team moved up the road to Raleigh into the PNC Arena (then called the RBC Center) where they have built one of the league’s most loyal fan followings over the course of their 15-plus seasons in the city.

In only the team’s third season after the move to Raleigh, they reached the pinnacle of all professional hockey, winning the 2001-02 NHL Eastern Conference Championship and earning the franchise’s first ever birth in the Stanley Cup Finals. Despite dropping that best-of-seven series to the Detroit Red Wings, the Hurricanes would remain an NHL powerhouse over the course of the next several seasons, returning to hockey’s “promised land” and battling their way back to the cup finals again just four years later at the end of the 2004-05 season. This time, Carolina would refuse to be denied however, as they won a thrilling seven game series to bring the prestigious Stanley Cup home to Raleigh as world champions.

With very affordable ticket prices for individual games, as well as multiple game packages, and season ticket options, the most competitive hockey on the earth is one of the most exciting Rocky Mount Area Entertainment choices you can make and is only about an hour up the road from Belmont Lake Preserve in Raleigh. To learn more about the Hurricanes including a full schedule and detailed ticket information visit and see why when you opt for “Lifestyle Redefined” here at Belmont Lake Preserve, you’re never too far from the fast-paced, on ice action of the Carolina Hurricanes.

Just barely an hour drive from your new home at the Belmont Lake Preserve NC golf community, is a chance to experience “Lifestyle Redefined” in almost any genre that you or your family may enjoy, as some of the most world famous names in music, comedy, and stage are scheduled to perform at the Durham Performing Arts Center.

On Friday, November 17, the laughs will no doubt be many and loud, as Lewis Black brings his popular act to the DPAC stage. Rounding out the weekend and showing of the assortment of talent one may see at the Arts Center are the classic sounds of the O’Jays with special guests the Dramatics on Saturday November 18.

The following weekend is no less impressive, as the guitarist Rolling Stone magazine called a “bona fide guitar god and pop visionary,” St. Vincent plays on November 25, and not to be out done, the Brian Setzer Orchestra comes to town on November 26.

Heading into December, on the 5th 98 Degrees will bring their endless array of hits, with Fantasia’s “Christmas After Midnight” show following him the same week on December 6.

After the holidays, the “hits” keep coming at DPAC, with such famous acts as Joe Rogan (January 27), The Temptations and the Four Tops (February 7), Jason Isbell (February 10-11), and Jerry Seinfeld (March 15).

The road to “redefining lifestyle” and world class entertainment can very easily be one traveled by you, starting at your new house at Belmont Lake Preserve and ending with the unbelievable assortment of talent on hand at Durham Performing Arts Center.

The countless entertainment options that have become part of your “Lifestyle Redefined” at Belmont Lake Preserve include many professional and collegiate sports teams across the state of North Carolina that are with in a short driving distance. The “Tar Heel State” certainly get a little “Hoops Crazy” as this time of year rolls around, and the sports fanatic under your roof at our North Carolina golf and retirement community can rest assured that the run into the playoffs last season was one that the Charlotte Hornets Basketball team looks to build upon as they hope to take steps towards an NBA Championship in the 2017-18 season, which gets underway later this week.

With a recent name change to their downtown home arena, the Charlotte Hornets Basketball franchise will look for bigger and better things than even the greatly successful 2015-16 and ’16-17 seasons as they take the court at the freshly named, Spectrum Arena this year. Finishing with an impressive 48 wins against just 34 losses with an even more lofty 30-11 home record, the Charlotte Hornets Basketball will be favored as one of the NBA’s top teams in the Eastern Conference this year.

Getting ready for the upcoming season, the Charlotte Hornets Basketball squad will take to the road for their two opening contests, when they travel on Wednesday, October 18 to play the Detroit Pistons..Finally, the hometown crowd will get to root for some 2017-18 Charlotte Hornets Basketball when the home opener takes place against the rival Atlanta Hawks on Saturday, October 20 at 7:00 p.m. at the newly christened Spectrum Center.

Much like the championship-caliber golf you are used to playing right here in your backyard at Belmont Lake Preserve, the Charlotte Hornets Basketball franchise will be playing championship caliber basketball just a few short hours away from Belmont Lake Preserve. To “Embrace the roar of the crowd” at the Spectrum Center and for more information on the full 2016-17 schedule and tickets, visit


Coming off their second ever trip to the Super Bowl and the best season in franchise history, it is an exciting time for the NFL’s Carolina Panthers Football team. Luckily for the fan of the gridiron under your roof at your new home at the Belmont Lake Preserve NC golf community, “you are never too far away from Charlotte and Bank of America Stadium, as the final installment of our three part series on football in NC takes a look at the upcoming 2017-18 schedule and season for last year’s NFC Champions.

Recording one of the all time greatest regular season records in the rich history of the National Football League (NFL) just two seasons ago by winning 15 games, while only losing one, the Carolina Panthers Football team made it all the way to the Super Bowl, before losing a hotly contested contest in their bid for the championship against the Denver Broncos. Despite the loss, the core of the NFC conference champion Carolina Panthers Football team, led by recipient of the 2015 league Most Valuable Player award, Cam Newton at quarterback and the 2013 and 2015 NFL Coach of the Year, Ron Rivera, will be back and hopes are high for a return to the Super Bowl this season.

With the home games for the Carolina Panthers Football team being played under 200 miles from your new home in Rocky Mount at Belmont Lake Preserve, the road back to the Super Bowl has started already as the Panthers are out to a hot four wins and one loss start in league play, putting them firmly in first place.

With the defending NFC Champion, Carolina Panthers Football team in Charlotte vying for a return to the Super Bowl, or as detailed in the first two blog posts in our three part series, the ECU Pirates shooting for an AAC title, and all of the exciting ACC football action heating up this fall, your choice of “Lifestyle Redefined” you’re your location at Belmont Lake Preserve without question puts you “never too far away,” from some of the most exciting action on the gridiron anywhere in the entire country.

For more information on 2016-17 Carolina Panthers Football including directions to Bank of America Stadium and ticket prices and availability, visit

Only the second terminal of its kind in the CSX network, the Carolina Connector is expected to bring high-paying jobs to the area. The project will initially create 250-300 short-term construction jobs during the development phase and another 300 long-term positions once the terminal becomes operational. About 150 of those terminal positions will be directly employed by CSX and pay an average annual salary of $60,000, company officials said.

Are you looking to add more physical activity to your life and improve your Active Summer Lifestyle? Maybe you’re trying to be more fit, lose some weight, or just lead a healthier life? If so,  the perfect time to get started on that Active Summer Lifestyle is right now. While it can be intimidating watching all the oh-so-very-toned people go running, biking, and hiking, there’s no need to be reluctant about starting an outdoor exercise regimen yourself. For those of you who want the exercise but don’t like the gym, or love the fresh air but are made a bit nervous by exercising, here are some tips:

Incorporate Activity Into Your Daily Routine by Starting Small

Have you ever wanted to be one of those people who improve their Active Summer Lifestyle as they go for long runs on summer evenings? You absolutely can if you start slow and easy. Instead of running, start by going on walks in whatever natural spaces you have available to you. Set aside a few evenings a week, or early mornings, or a lazy afternoon. Grab a friend, a dog, or just go on your own and let your inner thoughts wander. You might be surprised how the fresh air and activity (even low-impact activity like leisurely walking) can improve your mood. Then, after you’ve got a taste for outdoor wandering, working up to running won’t seem so intimidating!


Reach for Your Bike Instead of the Car Keys

While not everyone lives in a place that’s conducive to improving Active Summer Lifestyle while doing errands,  running your errands or commuting to work on a bike, many of us do and have just never tried it. Though it’s certainly helpful if there’s good infrastructure for biking where you live, it’s not absolutely necessary. Small errands like going to the post office can be a good way to ease into using your bike to get around. If possible, biking to work can be a wonderful way to experience the outdoors on a daily basis. It can be an amazing mood booster if you work inside an office all day. Biking more often is an all-around good thing, both for your body and the environment.

Go Camping!

Although camping itself might not seem a like a very physical activity, hanging out in the woods will inevitably lead to other activities, like hiking. All you really need for camping is a tent, a sleeping bag, water, food, and layers of clothing for inclement weather. After a night of hanging out around the fire and waking up breathing in the fresh air, all you need to add is a backpack and a map to go on your first hiking adventure. In fact, you might find you love the great outdoors so much that you start going on camping and hiking trips regularly. Hiking is great for developing our personal fitness.

It isn’t hard to start working on your fitness this summer. By slowly incorporating activity into your daily routine and by focusing on appreciating the outdoors, it’s way more fun to get your summer exercise when you’re not stuck in a hot, stinky gym. Bringing the outdoors into your life is an exciting way for you to get more fresh air, energy, and exercise. That’s way better than staring at the TV on the exercise bike.

You’re Never Too Far From… Being Active, at Belmont Lake Preserve. One of North Carolina’s top Active Lifestyle, master-planned communities.


North carolina museum of Science and Art

World class music, the most exciting sporting events anywhere in the country, and also the best in the arts and culture are never to far away from your new home in Rocky Mount at the Belmont Lake Preserve NC golf community, and one such experience that you will not want miss is merely an hour from your front door, at Durham’s nationally acclaimed, North Carolina Museum of Science and Arts.

In the year’s cooler months of September- the end of March, the North Carolina Museum of Science and Arts offers a huge variety of exhibits that the entire family, both young and old can enjoy and be astounded by. Whether you have an interest for space travel and want to visit their “Aerospace” or “Soundspace” exhibits, are more interested in local animal and plant life, and stroll through the “Carolina Wildlife,” and the “Insectatarium,” even in the case that you are an aspiring scientist or mathematician and want some hands-on fun in the “Contraptions” “Flip It, Fold It,” or one of the several “Lab” areas, the fun-filled and educational opportunities at the North Carolina Museum of Science and Art are seemingly endless.

In addition to these incredible exhibits that can be seen at the North Carolina Museum of Science and Art daily, there are also programs offered for limited periods of time or special one day events that add to the exciting experience. Upcoming and current programs at the North Carolina Museum of Science and Art include, “Process Revealed: Works from the Guild of Natural Science Illustrators,” which will run daily through April 30, and for the youngsters in the family, “Forts” will begin on March 1 and go through March 19. Daily events that range in interest depending on age that are coming up include, “Behind the Scenes with the Insects,” on February 19, the “Science of Wine,” on February 23, “A Girl Scout Adventure Activity: Home Scientist,” on March 4, “Tinkering and Drinkering,” on March 9, and “Behind the Scenes with Bears,” on March 12.

These are just some of the incredible items that you can have a chance to experience on a daily basis at the North Carolina Museum of Science and Art, not to mention, once April rolls around in addition to these awe-inspiring indoor exhibits, an array of outdoor programs, events, and exhibits run from April-August.

The North Carolina Museum of Science and Art is open during the months of September-March on Tuesday-Saturday from 10:00 am-5:00 pm and Sundays from 12:00 pm-5:00 pm. In the summer months, the hours remain the same, but the museum is also open on Monday’s as well. The museum is located at 433 West Murray Avenue in Durham and for all the wonderful stuff going on there, you can check out their website at

With all of the recreational opportunities right here at Belmont Lake Preserve, why would you ever want to leave? Sometimes it can be nice to get away just for the afternoon and see a North Carolina State Park—and Medoc Mountain State Park is only 24 miles from Belmont Lake Preserve.

Don’t expect a lot of ‘mountain’ at North Carolina State Park, Medoc Mountain  near Hollister in Halifax County. The highest point is only 325 feet above sea level, eroded peak formed by volcanic action some 300 million years ago. What you will find is a peaceful serenity among the park’s wooded slopes, hiking trails, open meadow, and Fishing Creek that meanders for a couple of miles through the park.


great-state-park6This North Carolina State Park has 10 miles of trails that are the best way to explore Medoc Mountain State Park, and most are an easy hike. Winding through the rolling terrain you’ll see an artesian well, miniature rapids, and granite outcroppings that are a remnant of the range of mountains that existed in eastern North Carolina long ago. There are bridle trails for equestrians with convenient trailhead parking. And twice each year (in May and October) there are trail races ranging from 5k to a marathon that wind through the park. (More information is available at and

If you’d prefer a less strenuous outing at this North Carolina State Park, Medoc Mountain also offers fishing and picnicking. Little Fishing Creek is one of the cleanest streams in North Carolina and in its gently flowing waters you may hook a sunfish, bluegill, or largemouth bass. There’s a choice of picnic locations with 30 tables and 8 grills in shaded woods and the park’s open meadow. In addition to tables and grills, the picnic shelter features a fireplace with restrooms and a water fountain nearby.

Medoc Mountain State Park offers campsites (some with electrical hook-ups) and a variety of programs throughout the year. Educational opportunities include interpretive programs led by park rangers on topics including ecology, geology, astronomy (Medoc Mountain is one of the best locations in the state to observe the night sky), and our relationship with the natural world. You can pick up plant and animal checklists at the park office and discover the park’s varied wildlife on your own. You just may see flying squirrels, river otter, white-tailed deer, or even the rare Carolina mudpuppy (a large salamander) during your afternoon at Medoc Mountain. Bring your binoculars for excellent birdwatching in the forest canopy and along Fishing Creek.great-state-park2

Medoc Mountain State Park is open daily (except Christmas) from 8am to 5pm. Check the State Parks website (at for a schedule of programs and activities.

Directions: From Rocky Mount, take I-95 north to exit 160 (Halifax), then NC-561 west for 9 miles to Medoc Mountain State Park, entry sign on the left at SR-1322.